Subs due for 2021-22 year

Our subscription year begins on 01 October. Please pay your $25 WBRA membership fee now. We aim to email receipts for payments but need your email address.

Because banks don’t leave enough room for useful info on the payment form please also fill in our member details update form.

Note: banks no longer accept cheques so we can’t accept them either. We prefer you to pay online.

Typical inadequate bank payment form.
Typical inadequate bank payment form.

Remember the boat ramp

Some people using the newly reinstated beach access off Manga Pirau Street have commented on how steep it is. For launching small boats and kayaks, remember the Boat Ramp next to the footbridge, put in by a huge community effort in around 2008 and dedicated to Andy Chaplow. The boat ramp is there for canoes, kayaks, small boats and emergency vehicles.

Supervisors John Hewitson and Graeme Hassell.
Supervisors John Hewitson and Graeme Hassell take a moment to rest.

07 March 2008: Launching kayaks and small boats will soon be a lot easier.

19 October 2008: Resource Consent was granted for Andy’s Boat Ramp, albeit that it took a considerable amount of time. The ramp has been completed … We are sure it will get a lot of use over the summer.

There have been several enquiries as to the size of the ramp. It was designed so that a person could walk either side of a canoe, to allow the waka reasonable access and to permit emergencies vehicles if necessary.

Note: the Resource Consent for the boat ramp expires in 2043.

Covid-19 and summer at Waikawa Beach

As we come up to the summer break Horowhenua is at Covid-19 Alert Level Orange. This may affect how we do our usual summer activities such as Sports Day, Boat Day, Sand Sculpture Day and the AGM, or community BBQs. The Committee is discussing this in regard to the activities we organise.

In brief, I read the requirements below to say: if everyone over the age of 12 years and 3 months shows a My Vaccine Pass then gatherings can go ahead with no limits, otherwise there is a limit of 50 people.

The official Covid-19 website specifies on the page Public and private gatherings at Orange (below are excerpts from the full text):

You can gather with anyone at Orange, with My Vaccine Pass requirements and restrictions.… Examples of gatherings that can go ahead at Orange include:

  • get-togethers and parties at your home or private dwelling
  • club functions
  • social sports
  • free public concerts in a park
  • community fairs

With My Vaccine Pass

If a gathering chooses to follow My Vaccine Pass requirements, only people with a My Vaccine Pass are allowed to be there. Children under the age of 12 years and 3 months do not need to provide a My Vaccine Pass to enter places with a vaccination requirement.

You will be asked to show your My Vaccine Pass when you are at the venue.

There is no limit to how many people can be at the venue.

Without My Vaccine Pass

If a venue for a gathering chooses not to follow My Vaccine Pass requirements:

  • At a gathering at your home, there can be up to 50 people.
  • At gatherings held at other venues, there can be up to 50 people based on 1-metre physical distancing in a single defined space at the venue at any time.

They can be a mix of people with and without My Vaccine Pass.

The limit applies to both indoor and outdoor venues.

The limit includes children. It does not include staff.

1-metre physical distancing and capacity limits

Capacity limits are based on the maximum number of people who could occupy the space if each person was 1 metre apart. People do not have to keep 1 metre apart at the venue.

Congratulations John Hewitson, Civic Honour recipient

We would like to congratulate John Hewitson on earning a Horowhenua Civic Honour for his service over the last 20+ years to the Waikawa Beach community.

John serves his community, quietly, with dedication and goodwill and without hesitation. He cares deeply about the community and the people within it.

With all of his involvement John does it quietly and willingly, serving his community with good humour and a deep compassion.

John Hewitson, centre, with Mayoress and Mayor Bernie Wanden.
The award and scroll.

The 1931 footbridge

A little footbridge trivia: noticed in the Horowhenua District Council building corridor a framed photo of the old Waikawa Beach footbridge with a plaque below.

The old Waikawa Beach footbridge photo and plaque in the Council building.

The plaque reads:

BORN 1931 DIED 13 MARCH 1990

The old Waikawa Beach footbridge plaque detail.

Turns out that bridge lasted almost 60 years. The new bridge has already had some repair and upgrade work but needs a whole rebuild apparently. After 30 years. That work is planned to be carried out within the next few years.