October 2018 Newsletter

Kia ora Waikawa whānau. We’ve had some utterly gorgeous days of blue sky and sunshine lately, but with an occasionally very chilly night and spots of snow on the Tararuas.

In this newsletter …

  1. Blue sky and sunshine
  2. Subs are due now
  3. Activity this year
  4. Access for horses to the beach
  5. Fibre Internet for Waikawa Beach
  6. Spinifex planting
  7. Recycling changes
  8. Property news
  9. Did you know: Society news of the 1930s

Subs are due now

Thank you for supporting the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association. We’ve had a busy year and it’s good to know we’re working with and for our community.

It’s time to pay your annual $25 sub.

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Fibre Internet for parts of Waikawa Beach

Fibre Internet is being rolled out to the village (only). Unfortunately the Emma Drive and Strathnaver areas miss out.

Work is about to start in the village to bring fibre for Internet.

Note that fibre is only available for part of our community: those in the village itself. Areas like Walkers Lane and Emma Drive aren’t included, nor is the area beyond around number 48 Strathnaver Drive.

We have already queried why some parts of our community are being left out and have tried to push for them to be included. It seems it’s to do with what the Government has specified for the rollout, and rural areas aren’t included at this time. It quickly became clear that any change would require a monumental effort beyond our resources.

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Safety and convenience: horses on the South Track

We want your views. For safety and other reasons horse riders want to be able to use the South beach track off Reay Mackay Grove. Please read the item and tell us what you think.

We have a safety issue on Waikawa Beach, and it’s to do with horses. We want your views about what action to take.

Imagine this: you’re down on the beach enjoying your favourite recreational activity, perhaps flying a kite or model aircraft or riding your dirt bike. The kite’s fluttering in the breeze, swooping and diving. It’s good fun.

Now a horse and rider come along after a good jaunt along the beach. The rider sees the kite, between them and the only exit from the beach horses are allowed to use: the vehicle entrance. This rider knows their horse, like many horses, will startle at the erratic movements of the kite.

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Quick work on the Spinifex planting

We have such a fantastic community! On Saturday 29 September 2018 about 30 or 40 volunteers turned up and over the course of a couple of hours planted 3,500 Spinifex plants.

The plants were supplied by Horowhenua District Council and we’d like to thank Ann, Ben, Gus, Marjo, Sean and the others who worked so hard alongside our volunteers to get the plants to the right places. They also laid on a great barbecue at the end of the work.

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A Waikawa Identity: Gary Drake

This is the first social commentary in a series of Gary Drake’s memories.

It may be the South African flag that adorns Gary Drake’s residence at Waikawa Beach that captures ones attention; hung at a time of New Zealand rugby test matches, you get the feeling that this individual is happy to go against the trend and normal support of the NZ rugby supporters in the area.

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