Summer activities schedule 2018-19

As usual, we have plenty of activities planned for the summer. There won’t be any 18 hole golf this year, but the Ambrose Golf (yet to be organised) should be going ahead. Watch for details.

Date Time Activity Notes
Thursday 27 December 2018 3 pm AGM Hank Edwards Reserve. Bring a chair. If wet, at Manakau Hall.
Friday 28 December 2018 2 pm Boat Day At the footbridge. If the weather’s bad it’ll be on Saturday 29 December at 3 pm.
Tuesday 01 January 2019 3 pm Sports Day Hank Edwards Reserve.
Saturday 19 January 2019 Judging at 4 pm Sand Sculpture Day Cross the bridge and turn left.

Most activities depend on the weather so check the noticeboard, the blackboard or the website for last-minute updates.

Please also be sure to pay your membership subs as soon as possible.

Also think about whether you want to stand for, or nominate someone for, the Committee. You must have the permission of anyone you nominate.

Rolling down Waitārere Beach

A car crash on Waitarere Beach has left one person seriously injured on Friday [07 December 2018].

It appears the small hatchback vehicle was overloaded. A Fire and Emergency spokesperson confirmed six people were in the car when it rolled near the surf lifesaving club some time after 3pm.…

Photos of the scene posted online by Waitarere Beach Volunteer Fire Brigade, which attended the incident, showed steeply curving tyre tracks near the vehicle.

Source: One person injured after car rolls on Waitarere Beach – NZ Herald.

As we come into summer with more people using the beaches please drive carefully, wherever you are.

3 menacing dogs at Waikawa Beach

Each year the Horowhenua District Council reports on how many dogs are registered, how many of those are dangerous or menacing, and where those dogs are to be found. The numbers seem to change a bit each year. This year there are 3 menacing dogs and no dangerous dogs at Waikawa Beach.

Menacing and dangerous dogs 2017 to 2018.
Menacing and dangerous dogs 2017 to 2018.
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Straight line driving

Our beach is a road and many people use it to drive to a destination then return. Unfortunately a few also spend time doing wheelies and donuts or taking their vehicles up into the dunes. Actions like that damage our beach, killing juvenile shellfish, increasing erosion and threatening birds and other wildlife.

Deep ruts from donuts in the sand, observed 22 October 2018.
Deep ruts from donuts in the sand, observed 22 October 2018.

The item below is in relation to Te Oneroa-a-Tohe (Ninety Mile Beach), but it has lessons for us too:

The major concerns … included the impact of vehicles on shellfish.

“Every toheroa and every tuatua begins its life as a minute juvenile in the upper tidal area of the beach, where they are at their most vulnerable to damage from vehicles,” he said.

“Vehicles driven in straight lines appear to do limited damage to these shellfish, but rapid accelerating, heavy braking, doing wheelies and donuts kill thousands, possibly millions. This damage is plain to see for anyone who cares to look.

“We have quotas on gathering shellfish to sustain species, but a thoughtless driver/rider can kill several lifetimes of entitlement in a few minutes.”

Dune erosion was another “very real and accelerating situation” that was hugely exacerbated by vehicles, while historic middens, “a view into our past,” had in places been reduced to dust, and nesting birds lived under constant threat from vehicles intruding into their areas.

Source: We Love Our Beach app launched in the Far North – NZ Herald.

We need urgent action on ‘our’ stretch of SH1

There’s no doubt it’s been an awful few weeks on the roads around Levin, with two fatal crashes just next door to Waikawa Beach in this week alone. On Tuesday 27 November 2018 there was a fatal crash at Ōhau and then within an hour or two another fatal crash, this time between North Manakau Road and Waikawa Beach Road.

State Highway 1 was closed for hours in one spot or the other.

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Potential for growth at Waikawa Beach

It looks like the Council plan to rezone some areas at Waikawa Beach, in order to have more people living here:

[On 21 November 2018] Horowhenua District Council adopted its Growth Strategy, which identifies what is needed for successful future development of urban and industrial areas and where that development should occur.

“Our population is expected to increase by a third in the next 20 years,” said Horowhenua District Council Growth Response Manager Daniel Haigh. “However, growth in the past three years has exceeded expectations and, if maintained, will see Horowhenua reach those levels in the early 2030s.” …

Group Manager Strategy & Development David McCorkindale said “2018 has been a year of talking about the future of Horowhenua District as a whole”.

“In 2019 the conversation will shift to each location, and the first conversations will be with residents in Levin, Foxton Beach and Waitārere. We will be creating master plans for new neighbourhoods in growth areas in each location and that will then lead to District Plan changes.”

Mr McCorkindale said later in the year Council will bring to the community an urban growth District Plan change that will propose to rezone some of the growth areas identified in the Growth Strategy in Foxton Beach, Foxton, Ōhau, Manakau, Tokomaru and potentially Waikawa Beach. …

Source: Horowhenua will plan for new neighbourhoods in 2019 – Horowhenua District Council.

November 2018 Newsletter

Kia ora Waikawa whānau. As we have more warm or hot days with no rain there’s a definite summer feeling already. It’s time to start watching water use so the tanks don’t go down too quickly. That also means it’s time to remember the permanent total fire ban in our part of the world — no fires on the beach or in the yard unless you have a permit.

In this newsletter …

  1. Summer’s here
  2. Please pay your subs now
  3. Summer Activities timetable
  4. AGM and committee
  5. Where are all the whitebait?
  6. River water monitoring
  7. River cut update
  8. Tonkin & Taylor assessment
  9. Beach access
  10. Reay Mackay Grove beach tracks remain pedestrian-only
  11. Share the beach
  12. Speedy Internet
  13. Summer Shorts
  14. Property news
  15. Did you know: Our river is fed by two streams

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