Ten-Five is the number for non-urgent Police calls

105 is a national non-emergency number that will be answered 24/7 by highly trained Police staff. It is free to call from all landline and mobile numbers.

“Introducing 105 is part of our drive to modernise the way we deliver services to the public and ensure everyone in New Zealand can access policing services – anywhere, anytime,” says Commissioner Bush.

“We want people to use 105 to report non-emergency situations. For example, if your car has been stolen, your property has been damaged, or you want to give Police information about crime in your area; use 105.

“111, on the other hand, should still be called immediately if a crime is taking place or there’s a threat to life or property. It’s the number you use to connect with Police, Fire and Emergency, and the ambulance services.”

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Recycling Changes start May 2019

Between now and the end of June 2019, Council will deliver a new 240-litre recycling wheelie bin to residents who receive kerbside recycling services. After the new recycling service starts on 1 July, glass will need to be separated out from other recycling.

The new bin can be used to recycle paper, cardboard, hard plastics, and tins and cans, whilst the current green recycling crate will be for putting your glass recycling in. Glass needs to be separated from other recyclable materials because it is processed differently at sorting facilities for safety reasons. …

As well as making it easier for people to do more recycling, the new bins contain a RFID chip that identifies the property each bin belongs to. The RFID chip will help to stop your bin from being stolen and will also enable Council to identify and educate anyone who misuses the recycling service.

New fortnightly recycling collection (from 1 July) [Note: the first Waikawa Beach date for the new service is 08 July 2019.]

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Waikawa Beach groyne to be partly removed

Horizons Regional Council has agreed to pay for $20,000 in modifications to a dysfunctional seawall at Waikawa Beach. …

Horizons’ river management group manager Ramon Strong said a consultant’s report recommended part of the groyne – a type of seawall that prevents erosion – should be removed as it was potentially reducing its effectiveness.

Strong said the work was “one step in the journey along the way” for sorting out a long-term solution for Waikawa Beach’s erosion troubles.

Source: Erosion works at Waikawa Beach to be funded by Horizons Regional Council | Stuff.co.nz.

When Ramon Strong presented the Tonkin and Taylor report to the WBRA Committee he pointed out that the high-angle groyne seemed to be causing problems rather than solving them. He said he hoped to be able to remove it, and fairly soon. It looks like that will now happen. He also mentioned using the rocks from that groyne to help build-up the older, longer groyne.

Figure 4, showing the throat of the Waikawa Stream.
Figure 4, showing the throat of the Waikawa Stream.

04 May 2019 opens the game bird hunting season

Just a reminder that Game Bird Hunting season opens on Saturday 04 May 2019.

Fish and Game have detailed information for hunters.

Remember it’s prohibited to discharge any firearm in the settlement.

Pet owners: your dog or cat may be frightened by the shooting. There are several lakes nearby and there’s usually quite a bit of shooting from around 6.30 am on the opening day of the season. Check with your vet about how to handle this.

Female and male mallard ducks with pukeko in the background.
Female and male mallard ducks with pukeko in the background.

River mouth photo 24 April 2019

We’ve asked a local drone operator to frequently take photos of the river mouth for our archives. Such photos could be very useful in future if we’re trying to make a case to a Council, for example. Here’s the first photo, acquired 24 April 2019.

River mouth photo 24 April 2019.
River mouth photo 24 April 2019.

By doing a measurement on Google maps, the river seems to travel about 370 metres south from the tip of the groyne, as seen in this photo, before turning seaward.

If you have use for a very high resolution version (24MB) then contact us.

We’re hoping to get several such photos each year, and will post them here for all to see.

Unfair dog registration fees

Waikawa Beach is a popular place for owners to walk their dogs, and many who live here or visit regularly own dogs too. How much should we pay in registration fees?

Horowhenua District Councillor Christine Mitchell has forced a last-minute review of a dog fee model she said unfairly penalised owners of well-behaved dogs.

HDC met last week [early April 2019] to adopt the new fee structure that included small fee increases to all classes of canine to offset operational costs, expected to top $600,000 this year.

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