Community Update – 22 May 2024 – Meeting Update re: Security Cameras

Update re: Security Cameras

Following the community meeting on 19 May, WBRA has been in contact with the Horowhenua Community Camera Trust (HCCT) and discussed its work and the possibility of collaborating with the Waikawa Beach community. The trust is very keen on such collaboration as it seeks to expand its network of community safety cameras in the region, particularly in the southern part of the region, including Otaki. The trust’s focus area is based on the Horowhenua Police District rather than on Council boundaries hence it extends as far south as Peka Peka.

The trust is able to offer expert advice on appropriate equipment, appropriate locations of cameras, installation and even funding. It seems logical to further collaborate with the trust as far as the decision point as to whether to deploy cameras in Waikawa Beach or not.

Further updates will be provided as more information is obtained.

Below are documents explaining the trust’s structure and the work it undertakes.

Regards to all

WBRA Committee


HCCT Service + Privacy Policy – April 2024

HCCT About the Trust – Sept 2023

Success Stories – April 2024


Community Update – 20 May 2024 – Meeting Notes

CCTV Camera Technology

To further advance the discussion regarding the possible installation of CCTV camera technology at Waikawa Beach Village an informal community meeting was held at the Manakau Hall this afternoon (19 May 2024).

The meeting was well attended by approximately 40 people which was pleasing given that it was a warm and sunny afternoon.

WBRA informed the meeting of enquiries made to date with other similar communities both nearby and further afield as to their experiences of installing, monitoring and the resultant impact the installation of
cameras has had in their communities.

The main focus of the group discussion was, in the first instance, the need for cameras in the area and secondly who would have access to captured images and to what use those images would be put.

WBRA was able to advise the group of the existence of the Horowhenua Community Camera Trust (HCCT) which is a voluntary organization housed in the Levin Police Station. The purpose of the trust is to manage images and other data collected by cameras installed in various locations in  Horowhenua and to analyse data and make images available to Police when the need arises following a reported incident in a specific area. Access to all images is restricted to the volunteers who man the monitoring center
and to Police personnel when a need for access is identified. The monitoring service is free of charge.

With regard to the need for CCTV cameras in the village the discussion centered on the deterrent value of cameras and also with other nearby communities having cameras installed the fact that there are
none in Waikawa Beach could become widely known resulting in the area becoming a more of a target for property crime. The value of being able to supply high quality imagery to Police following an incident in the area was also raised.

The conclusion of the meeting was that WBRA should make further enquiries to establish where cameras should be placed, what type of technology would best suit the area and what would be the cost. Following that information becoming available a final decision as to the installation of cameras or not will be made. Should a decision to install cameras ultimately be made the meeting favoured the proposition that they should be managed and monitored by the HCCT.

Based on that outcome WBRA will now make the relevant enquiries, gather the required information and report back to the community as soon as possible.

Thanks to all who attended the meeting and for the very positive and informative comments offered by the attendees.

Regards to all

WBRA Committee

Community Update – 16 May 2024 – Meeting

Security Camera(s) for Waikawa Beach village

In furtherance of the discussion regarding the possible installation of CCTV technology at Waikawa Beach village we propose to hold a community meeting where we can discuss the need for, desire for and willingness to pay for the installation of security camera(s) in the village.

We propose a meeting this coming Sunday (19th May 2024) at the Manakau Hall at 1:00pm.  All welcome.

We apologise for the relatively short notice but we have had a little difficulty securing use of the hall but it is now available.

A rough agenda would include:

  1.  What is the perceived need;
  2. On what basis does that need arise;
  3. If there is an identified need, what is the level of community support for the installation of CCTV technology; 
  4. Will the installation of CCTV technology meet that need;
  5. Are there any alternative options;
  6. Where and how will any hardware be housed and where and how will data collected be stored;
  7.  Who will have access to that data and for what purpose;
  8. How will privacy impacts be managed;
  9. How will the purchase, installation and ongoing maintenance of the equipment be funded.

We look forward to seeing as many members of the community as possible at the meeting.

Regards to all

WBRA Committee

Community Update – 9 May 2024


With regard to the recent discussion about the possibility of installing CCTV camera(s) in the Waikawa Beach village area the position of the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association (WBRA) is as follows:

If an individual or ad hoc group of residents wishes to take responsibility for sourcing, installing, maintaining, monitoring and taking responsibility for the lawful collection, storage and use of collected data there is nothing to stop them from doing so. However, it is strongly advised that before doing anything in furtherance of that careful attention is paid to the sections of the Privacy Act 2020 that cover use of CCTV technology and more especially the data collected. Attention should be particularly focused on Privacy Principles 1, 3, 10 and 11.  The Privacy Commissioner’s guidelines “Privacy and CCTV – A guide to the Privacy Act for businesses, agencies and organisations” should also be carefully read. This runs to 32 pages and is available from the website of the Privacy Commissioner.

Alternatively, we as a community could come together to consider and decide if there is a need for such technology in the village, what are we responding to in considering its use, for what purpose it might be deployed and who will be responsible for the lawful collection, use, distribution and management of collected data.  Once that is determined the more practical aspects of what technology, who owns it, cost, location, ongoing maintenance etc. could be addressed.

Probably the best way to determine the way forward, if there is to be a way forward, is a meeting of interested parties. WBRA would be happy to facilitate such a meeting if there is a perceived need/interest.

Your comments on the need for a meeting (not the need for CCTV – that can be canvased at a meeting) are invited via the WBRA email address ( or the Waikawa Beach Community Facebook page.

Regards to all

WBRA Committee

Community Undate – 3 April 2024

Horowhenua District Council’s draft Long Term Plan 2024-44

The Long Term Plan (LTP) sets out the services and projects the Council will provide to the Horowhenua community for the next 20 years until 2044.

Council’s draft Long Term Plan 2024-44 includes three key topics:

  • What services do we need for our community?
  • How should we manage our waste?
  • Sharing costs – who should pay for what?

The formal consultation period started on 15 March and runs until 5pm on  15 April 2024.

Below is a document which provides information to inform and support your submission.

Horowhenua District Council – LTP submissions.