The formation of the WBRA in 1974

I recently viewed the old Minutes book for the WBRA and found the minutes of the meetings where the Association was founded and set up. I’ve attached photos and also typed out that set of Minutes below. I aim in future to add further Minutes, but will date them to some time ago so they won’t stream through the feed, to your email inbox, or appear on the front page of the site. They’ll be available though under the Committee Minutes Category.

Those other minutes are likely to be available only as photos, unless folks are willing to help type them up. Any takers to type up a page or two?

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Toilet block fix July 2019

After months of problems with overflowing toilets at Hank Edwards Reserve, today the fix. Contractors are digging out the clogged up dispersal field and replacing it with fresh fill, fresh pipes and a breathable plastic that allows moisture to evaporate out while keeping sand and other debris from falling in.

Some in the community may know when the toilet block was built (let us know in a comment), but it seems it’s around 50 years old.

A digger cleans out the dispersal field.
A digger cleans out the dispersal field. Excavated material, being hazardous waste, is being trucked away to Levin for disposal.

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⚠️ Cyclists – fed up with speed bumps?

This contribution is from one community member. The WBRA Committee hasn’t discussed this matter at all.

Miraz Jordan writes:

⚠️ Cyclists! Do you find the Strathnaver Drive speed bumps a pain in the rear? They drive me crazy.

In a 1 kilometre stretch of Strathnaver Drive there are 3 speed bumps. As they’re designed to do, they slow down cars and trucks very effectively.

On the other hand, quad bikes, motorbikes, horses and pedestrians just go around the side on the rough grass and sand.

The speed bumps are awful for cyclists though. To ride over them means slowing right down and taking things very carefully — it really interrupts the flow of an otherwise enjoyable ride. Going round the side means negotiating gravel, potholes, and loose sand.

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Toilet block update 03 July 2019

From Ben Woods at Horowhenua District Council:

A temporary repair was made that allowed us to reopen the toilets given the time of year and low usage.

The plumbers will be onsite tomorrow [04 July 2019] to complete the larger repair work which will give us functionality through the summer.

I’ll be leaving the portaloo on site until the repairs have been made just in case there is a delay.

Garden bird survey: 29 June – 7 July 2019

The 2019 Garden Bird Survey needs you! It’s on from 29 June to 7 July 2019, and takes only 1 hour of your time.

What to do:

  1. Choose just ONE day that suits you
  2. Find a comfy seat (either inside or outside).
  3. Look and listen for birds for ONE hour.
  4. For each species record the HIGHEST number seen at one time.
  5. Print a tally sheet (optional but recommended): recording made easier!
  6. Use the online form to enter your data
Bird identification chart.
Bird identification chart. Reduced in size and quality. See the original at