Community Update – 29 May 2023

Are you interested in protecting the environment at Waikawa Beach?

We need your help for a few hours each month

The WBRA committee are looking into creating an Environmental Sub-committee in response to growing recognition regarding the risks facing our physical environment.

Three initial areas of concern have been identified:

    1. Pest management, such as wild cats, rats, stoat and ferret populations. (Kezna is already  working hard to manage feral cat populations, and this group could complement her efforts by targeting additional areas of concern).
    2. Dune protection to reduce erosion and beach rubbish collection.
    3. Ways to manage flood protection along the river where homes face potential risk from flooding.

Given wider community concerns about these issues, the decision has been made to create this sub-committee and to invite and include any other interested persons. The sub-committee would be headed by Chris Wood, a permanent Waikawa Beach resident and a current member of the WBRA committee. This would enable efforts to be co-ordinated and provide a basis to apply for funding support.

You might have ideas, useful contacts, muscles, expertise in plants, dunes, water, environment, long-term knowledge of Waikawa Beach, knowhow for getting funding — we need all kinds of skills, but the main thing is being interested in making a difference locally.

If you are keen and interested and/or know of anyone that would be interested in joining this group, please email

WBRA Committee

Community Update – 25 May

Beach Access Project Update

The Horowhenua DC have commenced a project to investigate all beach access options for Waikawa Beach.

The project team have already done some local consultation with selected residents and have done some assessment work.

Further consultation with the wider community is planned as the process continues.   We will be letting you know when this is planned and how you will be able to participate. We encourage you all to be a part of this consultation and have your say.

The process will result in a report going to the HDC.
As winter approaches we are likely to see major changes to our current beach access due to weather events.
We are all grateful to the current landowners for their continued support and it is important that we all respect the current landowners request to keep our access path to the existing path and not interfere with the whenua to get access to the beach any where else.
We need to let this process unfold and work with our community, the Council and the Landlowners to find a mutually respectful solution.
Gary Whitaker
WBRA Chairperson

Community Update – 28 March 2023

Subject: Invitation to Rates Review hui at Horowhenua District Council

Good afternoon,

We would like to invite you and your members to Horowhenua District Council’s Rates Review hui on Wednesday 29 May at 7:30 pm, at Council’s Civic Building in Levin.

You might remember that last year Council promised to do a Rates Review.  We’re doing that now and would like to discuss that with you.  This is being done as part of a combined Long Term Plan Amendment and Annual Plan process.

Council will be presented with the draft Consultation Document and supporting information to consider adopting on Wednesday 22 May. If adopted, consultation will begin on Monday 27 May 2023.  This sets out the options we’d like feedback on.

The Rates Review is one of the key issues. The purpose of the rates review is to determine if our current system for distributing rates across the district is fair.

Council would like to invite you to the hui we are holding in Council Chambers, Civic Building, 126 Oxford St, Levin.

This is an open meeting but we are specifically inviting iwi, hapu, ratepayers and progressive associations, Grey Power and Federated Farmers to this meeting because of your interest in these issues and to provide you and your members an early opportunity to hear from Elected Members and staff about options proposed, why, and to ask questions as the consultation period starts.  We will hold a range of further events and opportunities for discussion throughout the consultation period, and we’d welcome any further questions from yourselves and others.

I appreciate there’ll be a lot of calls on your time and hope you’ll be able to attend.

Please RSVP, with the number of people attending, to this email address ( by COB Monday 27 March 2023.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Thank you,

Carolyn Dick
Strategic Planning Manager | Kaihautū Rangapū Hinonga Arawaka

Waea Mahi | (06) 366 0999
Waea Pukoro | +64272623130

126 Oxford Street, Levin
Private Bag 4002, Levin 5540

Community Update – 11 February 2023

Media Release – Civil Defence Emergency Management team monitoring situation as Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle gathers momentum – 10 February 2023 

Horowhenua District Council’s Civil Defence Emergency Management team met today in preparation for the arrival of Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle to the district.

Early modelling shows the Upper North and East Coast of the North Island will be most severely impacted by the impending weather system, however Horowhenua can expect severe gales of between 120km and140km from Tuesday, and the Tararua Range is likely to receive a substantial amount of rain.

The severe wind and heavy rainfall anticipated could mean fallen trees, power outages, rapidly rising rivers, potential flooding, hazardous driving conditions and possible challenges for our treatment plants.  Council and contractors are keeping a watching brief throughout the weekend as the situation develops. 

Civil Defence Emergency Management Controller Brent Harvey says “At this stage the modelling is showing Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle’s path veering to the east of our district, however these types of weather systems are changeable, so it’s important we all be prepared.”

 We encourage the community to do what they can to prepare for Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle:

  • In an emergency, call 111.
  • Stay informed of weather updates on  Follow Council’s Facebook page @HorowhenuaDC for local Civil Defence Emergency updates
  • Make a plan – now is a good time to refresh your grab bag (one grab bag per person) and household emergency plan. More info is available on
  • Secure any items that could get blown about and cause harm in strong winds
  • Clean drains and gutters, trim any loose tree branches
  • Check on your neighbours and anyone who might need your help.
  • During a weather event, close windows, external and internal doors.  Pull curtains or blinds over unprotected glass areas to prevent injury from shattered or flying glass.
  • Bring pets inside, move stock to shelter.  If you have to evacuate take your pets with you.
  • Limit any unnecessary travel.

 Always put your safety first. Act quickly if you see rising water. Never try to walk, swim or drive through flood water.

 If need be, follow any instructions about evacuation of your area. Self-evacuate if you feel unsafe. 

Find out what to do before, during and after a storm on