Interest in Waikawa Beach holiday home

… new data from an accommodation website has revealed the most searched regions and the most coveted holiday home in the country.

The Holiday Houses website, which is owned by Trade Me, says it has seen a massive increase in people searching for a place to spend their 2020 Queen’s Birthday weekend.…

It also revealed the number one property that drew the most interest by travellers searching online, which was this eight-bedroom beachfront mansion at Waikawa Beach, going for $275 per night.

Source: New Zealand’s most popular holiday home destinations for Queen’s Birthday weekend | Newshub.

Despite the weather, Kiwis are heading to the beach. Photo credit: Holiday Houses/TradeMe.
Despite the weather, Kiwis are heading to the beach. Photo credit: Holiday Houses/TradeMe.

That house is at the south end of Reay Mackay Grove.

4 menacing dogs at Waikawa Beach

We’ve recently had a disturbing report from a resident that their dog was attacked and injured on the beach by one or two off-leash dogs belonging to another resident who was driving along the beach with the dogs. According to the report a large white dog rushed up unprovoked from about 300 metres away and attacked their dog. Another dog also joined in on the attack. Their dog required stitches and medical treatment costing around $1,000. One ear is permanently damaged and the previously relaxed and friendly dog is now fearful and anxious around other dogs.

Animal Control are involved with this case.

We’ll update you if there’s any further information on this attack.

Please be alert when out with your dogs and particularly watchful for a large white dog that is not leashed. If you have any problems with dogs not being properly controlled take photos if possible and report the incident to Animal Control. Phone Horowhenua District Council at 06 366 0999.

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Local business delivers veges and pizzas

Just up the road, the Manakau Market:

has grown a thriving delivery business over lockdown and continues to run fruit and vege from Levin all the way South to Raumati, Monday to Friday. Starting off with the seasonal boxes, adding in the option to pick your own goodies, adding in grocery and local artisan items as well.

Pick up is also OK.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday they also deliver pizza from 5 to 8 pm.

Manakau Market pizzas.

The wonderful journey of Thomas Bevan in 1845

Sometimes when the road’s choked it can take 2 or 3 hours to drive between Waikawa Beach and Wellington, and we feel entitled to complain. With any luck, all the expressways will eventually shorten a standard trip to maybe less than an hour.

But next time you’re stuck grinding along at 5 Kph you might like to think of the trip Thomas Bevan Senior took as a child, back in 1845. [These are merely very small extracts from the full text. It’s still a long read, so settle in. I also recommend you actually read the whole text — there’s a huge amount of very interesting detail in the orginal story that has been omitted here.]

Thanks to Lesley-Anne Walker for suggesting this story.

Reminiscences of an old colonist 1908

My Arrival In New Zealand – How Four Pakeha Children Travelled From Port Nicholson To Waikawa In 1845.

[A false start]

My father … made arrangements for us to come to him [from Wellington to Waikawa Beach] … It was in May, 1845, that the captain of the schooner called at our house to take us four children on board. We were put below in a small cabin, the air in which soon became stifling. We sailed about 9 o’clock in the evening, and very soon after our departure the wind rose to a hurricane.
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