March 2005 newsletter

March 2005 newsletter


Thank you to those who have paid their subs for this year. A red sticker indicates you have not yet sent in your $20. I cannot do this by email as I send the newsletter by group — please check. You may email me if you are unsure. $20 payable to Helen Hewitson, 4 Cathryn St RD31 Levin.

Committee for 2005

Chairperson John Hewitson, Secretary Erica Wyatt, Treasurer Helen Hewitson, Committee Liz Duncan, Cecily Archer, Anita Nalder, Lesley Anne Walker, John Brown, Andy Chaplow, Graeme Hassell, Paul Coles.

Holiday Activities

Boat Day, Fun Sports and the two golf days

These were well patronized and thoroughly enjoyed. The Fun Sports was a great success and is sure to be an annual event. Thank you to the organizers and the helpers.

Working Bees

Two have been arranged for this year Saturday 26 March 9am and Saturday 4 June 9am. Meet at the Reserve. You will agree that the entrance way and the Hank Edwards Reserve are looking great. We would dearly love to see a few new faces – many hands make light work!

Jet Skis

It would be appreciated if jet skis were not used in the river, even at the speed limit of 5km per hour. Out at sea please give swimmers and picnickers a wide berth.


This was well attended and as a follow up to general business, I can report that the Regional Council will reintroduce the rabbit virus later in the year. The Rescue helicopter is remaining in Palmerston North and the Association has made a donation of $100.

Rubbish Collection

The Labour weekend hard rubbish collection proved well worth while and will be repeated. The Council rubbish bags are collected on Mondays by Levin Container Rubbish and contrary to popular belief they do recycle the recyclables! Put your items in a supermarket bag and leave it by your gate. A laminated copy of the recyling calendar will be placed on the notice board.

River water

This was tested again in December and is fit for swimming but not drinking.

Boat Ramp

It has been found necessary to endeavour to have the end of Manga Pirau St by the notice board kerbed and channeled to avoid flooding and the subsequent run off onto the bank where the ramp will be. Consequently this is on hold in the interim.

Speed restrictions

We have asked Horowhenua District Council to investigate the possibility of a permanent 80km speed limit on Waikawa Beach Rd from Takapu Rd to the village. It is hoped to have a 30km speed limit within the village next December and January.

Trees on berms

The Council has removed several of the trees that were causing a concern on the berms. Several more require trimming and we hope this is in hand.

A Bit of History

(taken from the 1989 newsletter)

“Did you know that the late Bob Semple, Minister of Public works, made his weekend hideaway at Waikawa. His first permanent campsite was located adjacent to the east end of the bridge (the old one of course) and included a bus body, timber frames over which Railways! tarpaulins were stretched and there was a grand fireplace of corrugated iron. Subsequently he built a permanent place, now owned by Chaplows (Waikawa Beach Rd). Bob tried his hand at beautification of the road verge from his house down to Blue Skies gate by having the P.W.D. truck in and plant full grown pohutakawas. This exercise failed as is obvious, they died. One always knew when Bob and Annie were going to spend the weekend at the beach. Sometime Friday the P.W.D. road grader would smooth the gravel surface from the end of the tarseal at Takapu Rd to the beach. Later the big black Chrysler Windsor would arrive with the family. The car would return empty only to return on Sunday night to take the family back to Wellington. Bob loved the wilderness area as did his family. He also reveled in his sport of shooting both ducks and rabbits and was always on the look out for sambar deer. There are unconfirmed reports of “big” (very big) bags of game returning to the House for distribution. It is said that he also had the then agent for Caterpillar demonstrate the new fangled dozer at Waikawa to the P.W.D. and assembled guests, building a giant dam across the river opposite Cathryn St, and cut a new mouth to the sea at that point. This happened in 1944/45 when the river ran in a straight track from the bridge to the Wairongomai stream. When Bob finally retired from politics he did so to Otaki and so ended an Hon. Era.”



Last week on Friday 18 March early evening, an overseas tourists’ car was broken into at the bridge while the occupants were walking on the beach. Important documents and valuables were stolen. This is the second such incident this summer. I would implore everyone to be very vigilant and report anything suspicious. We are a small community and do not have many casual vehicles particularly out of the peak holiday season. Note a vehicle number and advise John Hewitson 06 362 6926 or Erica Wyatt 06 362 6679.

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