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I purchased a house at WaikawaBeach in 2000. What attracted me to this area was the peace and serenity, no shops or other commercial activity and the lack of traffic which made the area safe for my family and grandchildren to walk or ride on bikes around the settlement. It was surrounded by rural zoned land which we believed would ensure that it remained that way. It was also recognised as the most crime free of all the Horowhenua coastal communities.

Three years ago a subdivision was approved for the nearby Strathnaver Glen, access to which is through WaikawaBeach. Residents were informed at the time that the subdivision would comprise 28 lifestyle sections with only two that could be further subdivided. We now find that many of these other sections are also being subdivided into up to ten sections each.

The ratepayers of WaikawaBeach were let down on that occasion.

I am naturally opposed to any significant increase in the size of the settlement and therefore are opposed to any sub division which includes high density housing. I believe that the proposed subdivision is in rural zoned land and also within the Coastal Environment. It would destroy the present tranquil atmosphere and the increased numbers would place additional pressure on the already fragile eco system of the area. This includes the loss of some of the wet lands and increased traffic in the sand dunes. The present WaikawaBeach access road is unsuitable for increased traffic and its junction at State Highway 1 is similarly inadequate. The access to the beach at present is only per favour of 2 landowners and any increase in numbers using this may result in that privilege being withdrawn. Increased numbers would also cause irreparable damage to the sand dune areas which, with present traffic, have a very fragile stability.

Waikawa Beach is a close knit community. This is demonstrated at the annual meeting of ratepayers when up to 100 residents attend to hear District and Local Councillors who have said that it is the best attended meeting of any community in the Horizons District. It is my opinion that this happy liaison between the local authorities and the community will suffer if the proposed subdivision is allowed to proceed.

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