Newsletter – April 2008

Rubbish Collections

HDC proposed a change to the waste bylaw which would see the Council withdrawing from responsibility for the rubbish collection in favour of private licensed operators. The Association put in a submission opposing this as it could well have serious consequences for weekenders especially those who do not come on a regular basis.

It now appears that any bags you still have can be used and arrangements will be made for the collection.

Horowhenua Growth Development Plan

In January a meeting arranged by the Council was held on the Reserve to inform residents of the plan and its implications for Waikawa. The meeting was attended by a hundred locals, all of whom expressed h2 opposition to development at the beach.

The Association put in a submission as did many individuals.

An article in the local Chronicle recently indicated that the minimum size of rural lots would increase from 2000sq. m. to 20 hectares. However it appears that this is outside of the proposed green belt areas of potential growth and unfortunately Waikawa is one of these.

The Growth Plan has not yet been approved so we must wait to see if our opposition and concerns were addressed.

NZ Wise

As you are aware the developers appealed to the Environment Court against the decision of the Council not to approve the 44 lot development. The Association and four local residents became S274 parties in this process. Mediation was held and became a lengthy and time consuming process. Finally the mediation agreement has been signed. The final outcome was a 28 lot subdivision with rigorous conditions which can be enforced. The Association will need to keep watch to ensure the conditions are met.

The 28 lots were a minor victory for us as the Council had already agreed to 34 lots when mediation began and it was only our strenuous opposition to the 34 that the number was reduced.

Waikawa Lakes

The Association’s submission on the development was drawn up and presented by a group of highly qualified and respected locals and represented a good deal of time and knowledge. A large number of individuals also presented submissions. The hearing which was heard by a panel of five Councillors lasted a week.

After a period of time the panel reported that they were favourably disposed to the development but required further information on ground water from the developers.

This information has not yet been received by the Council.

Following the receipt of the information submitters will hopefully have 14 days to respond and the hearing will recommence.

We were understandably dismayed by the news and regrettably look set to follow the same path as we did for NZ Wise.

Andy’s Boat Ramp

This has regrettably been delayed although the work has begun. The permission we were given to construct the ramp was withdrawn and it now has to get Resource Consent. We are hopeful this will be granted and the work can recommence.

Rental Properties

I regularly get enquires for short term rental properties. If you do let your house and would like to be on my list I will gladly pass on any requests I get.


Thank to those who did fill this in and return it. The response was very good considering the time of year. The results were very helpful in preparing our submission for Waikawa Lakes.

Fighting Fund

I would like to most sincerely thank all those who have sent a donation. The response has been most gratifying. If would like to contribute the bank account is Waikawa Beach Ratepayers No 2 account at Westpac Levin 03 0667 0268929 025 or alternatively post a cheque to the same address as subs. Thank you.


It has become necessary to alter the constitution as it is not advisable to have a member audit the annual accounts and it is very expensive to have it done professionally. It is not a requirement to have the accounts audited. However our existing constitution states that they must be audited.

A change to the constitution can only be done at a General meeting of the Association. As a meeting had to be called to do this it seemed logical to update the whole constitution to bring it into line with most other small organisations. The amended constitution is attached. If you which to compare it to our present one, it is posted on the website.

You may wish to visit the Incorporated Societies web site to see their suggestions.

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