Bad Re Sealing



On Tuesday 13 January, Higgins Contractors resealed Waikawa Beach Road from about 500 metres outside the 50km speed limit down to the boat ramp. Some would say that other areas needed sealing more urgently than this area, such as the short loop road at the toilets in the reserve or that part Waikawa Beach Road from the junction of Takapau Road 500 metres down toward SH1.

Now residents are confronted with chlidren arriving home from the river with feet coverd in tar and which after only one day must have been carried into most houses in the settlement.

The coverage of chips is inferior in many places, probably worse than that which occured on SH 1 two years ago just north of Paraparaumu.

Was the reasealing in this area really necessary?

Why was it carried out in the holiday settlement at its busiest time?

Was any consideration given to using smaller chips having regard that the settlement has no footpaths?

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Waikawa Beach or Manakau

New Zealand