Community Planting Day

As mentioned in the newsletter, Council plans to upgrade the Hank Edwards Reserve with additional plantings.

Any one willing to help plant is asked to be at the Reserve starting at 9.30am Saturday 30 May. Council will provide spades and other tools, along with a barbecue lunch.

Everyone welcome!

5 thoughts on “Community Planting Day”

  1. We took our children out to Waikawa beach to shoot a few hoops on the new basketball area the other day, and found that our children had to keep running out into the roadway where the carpark is everytime the ball bounced behind the hoop. This will be a very very dangerous area when the weather is bright and sunny, all children will be focussed on retrieving the ball and it is very possible indeed that there WILL be an accident before too long at that area of your design. Best to be made aware of this hazard now…than later, would you all not agree?

  2. This area was not designed by the Ratepayers Association, it was designed by the HDC. You make a valid point about the safety issues. Your comments have been passed on to Doug Tate, HDC Parks Assets Officer. His reply will be posted here when it is received, as the email address you provided is not valid.

  3. The reply from Doug Tate:

    “Its probably a two fold issue here:

    – We will arrange for some further low buffer planting to occur to prevent the balls/people running out to the road, past the low fence currently there.

    – Secondly though, there needs to be some ownership from parents supervising there children so this doesn’t occur.

    I will arrange for this planting to occur in the next fortnight.

  4. So now we have a basketball hoop. In recent weeks I have noticed a few children heading in that direction with a ball. Hpefully they are enjoying.
    I had a few friends staying last weekend; they’ve noticed three things:
    (1) the plethora of bright new shiny bins. Hopefully I’ll no longer have to pick up rubbish through the reserve when I walk through there.
    (2) the sharp stones used on the path; sadly I can’t see most people using the path in sumkmer, as my observation is that most children run free barefoot; and the stones will simply be too sharp underfoot!
    (3) that a number of dogs haven’t learned how to use the nice new bins! That’s a bit unfortunate, as [refer to (2)] I have on occasion noted the odd unfortunate barefoot kid who found this out the hard way.

    Coincidentally, they also commented on the choice of dead plants!

  5. Such a shame that there are some dog owners who believe they are above obeying HDC bylaws, and refuse to clean up the messes their pooches leave behind.

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