Massive Rates Rise

The proposal by Horowhenua District Council to increase rates at Waikawa Beach by up to 66% has gone down like a dead duck.
On top of this the council are proposing that we pay for fresh water reticulation which most residents do not want anyway. One resident takes water into her mother at Levin every time she visits as the mother thinks it is better quality and it keeps her going at times when the Levin water is cut or cannot be used for drinking as happens frequently after heavy rain.
At a time when local bodies have been asked by Central Government to tighten their belts because of the economic downturn this massive increase has come as a shock to ratepayers.

One thought on “Massive Rates Rise”

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    Hopefully HCC will let the matter rest for a couple of years; however it would be good to get a more coordinated response when the issue next raises its head.
    Do we really want reticulated water? What about all newer buildings that have spent $000s in recent years installing tanks, bores etc.
    Will a sewage system follow? What about the same people who spent $000s on septic tanks?
    Remember these are conditions of building consents, imposed by HCC.
    Will HCC refund these costs?

    The real question is whether we each want to pay $2000 or more in rates to cover the ongoing costs, let alone whatever the one off costs of installation is.

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