Waikawa Lakes Sub-division

People who submitted to Council on the proposed Waikawa Lakes subdivision today received a letter from HDC. Pritchard Group have advised that it will not be continuing with the application.

HDC also have a copy of a letter to Horizons, similarly confirming Pritchards will not be continuing with the application to that Council.

This is great news for Waikawa. Thanks to all who submitted and to our expert witnesses.

2 thoughts on “Waikawa Lakes Sub-division”

  1. How on earth is this great news? its a shame actually for the benefit of all kiwis. I saw what Pritchards had proposed and it wasnt as if they were asking to increase the density significantly, just at the same size blocks of land that most already have. It annoys me that kiwis think its their right to own not only their own land but all that surrounds it. Get a life, people from Waikawa and stop being so selfish

  2. @BK

    The collapse of the coastal property market probably had a greater bearing on this not happening.

    No one was forward buying the properties.

    The scale of the development was the issue and the subsequent infrastructural issues that a development like this that would entail.

    If you look along the coast you will find an oversupply of property still for sale.

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