Free Range Coloured Eggs

Free Range Coloured Eggs.
Free Range Coloured Eggs

1/2 dozen mixed – $3.00
Dozen mixed – $6
Pullets (small eggs) x10 – $3

Mixed grade, beautiful varieties including the occassional green/blue, fresh eggs now available and laid daily just down the road!

Happy to try to accomodate regular orders.
Gate sales at 577 Waikawa Beach Road, Fri/Sat/Sun availability and weather permitting! We recycle cartons so feel free to pop your spares in the letterbox or bag them up and pop them over the gate. Any enquiries please email or leave a note in the letterbox.

The eggs range from cute pullet size to industrial strength jumbos and are laid by a variety of well-spoilt hens, orpington, minorca, acona, araucana, red shavers, light sussex, hy-lines and bantams. No additives, just grains, laying pellets, fruit and vege, grass, bugs and sunshine.

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