Dogs Again

“In response to the letter of 26th Jan. and 2 comments posted 3rd March, I thought I would again bring up the ever present problem of dog poo polluting Waikawa Beach, and give an update post Queens Birthday weekend.

The letters and comments talked about dog poo as a visual and health hazard polluting the river, beach and forest, and about the lack of response from dog owners when asked to please clean up their dog’s mess. Since them a sign has beenput up just over the bridge asking owners to pick up their dog poo or a fine will be imposed.

This is great action, but who is responsible for enforcing this law? As far as I can see it hasn’t made any difference. Over the weekend their were a number of fresh poos on the bridge itself, and at least
half a dozen large fresh ones all around the sign on the forest side of the bridge. Apart from the offensive smells and health hazards all this dog poo imposes, it also makes for a rather revolting main entry onto our beautiful beach. You are also constantly having to watch where you step. I agree the forest isn’t nearly as nice as it used to be because of all the dog poo at the edges of the main pathway, and river pollution is a real concern. What else can we do about it? Come on dog owners – be responsible and please pick up your dog poo”.

Pam Carter

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