Dogs At Waikawa (Letter to WBRA)

Every year there is rogue dog poo, but this year it was in abundance at the river. We tend to swim over the bridge and a bit further toward the mouth (just past the cricket delta). One particular day I went down to the river with my sister and her two young daughters (3 and 1 year) who were crawling around on the edge of the water and in the muddy sand (and eating it of course). I found 5 piles of dog shit that time with three just under the high tide line and two floating in the water. We found new dog poo daily and either picked it up or stuck a stick in the sand next to it so none of our guys either stepped in or ingested it (there was a considerable amount in the shallows).
Just this weekend (sandcastle day) we watched a lady (she had two West Island White Terriers and a Golden Lab – all on leads) walk off the bridge and under the trees (where the BBQ is on Boat Day) and her dogs all crapped there and she just let it happen and walked on. We called out and told her to pick it up but she just ignored us.

I am a dog owner too and don’t want to run the risk of too many rules on well behaved dogs and owners, but I fully expect to pick up my dog shit and so should everyone else. It is a health hazard to the kids to be swimming and playing in amongst both fresh and old dog poo in the sand and water.

I have raised this concern and think that a solution may be a pamphlet drop around the community, public naming and shaming or a big sign.

2 thoughts on “Dogs At Waikawa (Letter to WBRA)”

  1. I have been meaning to comment on the dog poo issue as well. It is a health hazard as when it rains the poo makes it to the river and will cause the river to be closed for swimming due to high bacteria levels. Dog owners need to pick up their dog waste so that we can all continue to enjoy the area. It would be a shame to see a ban of dogs walking in the river and beach area.

  2. I have just reurned from a holiday in Nelson where dogs are banned from Tahunanui Beach and it was a great relief to be able to walk and swim at a dog poo free beach.

    I have also noticed on my early morning walks numbers of vehicles parked by the bridge and seen their owners returning and driving off with their dogs after walking along the beach.So I feel a lot of the problems are coming from visitors rather than locals. The visitors dont have to be concerned about the health hazard left behind by their dogs.

    The walk through the pine trees which used to be a pleasure is now quite offensive.

    A ban on dogs on the beach during the summer would make the beach cleaner.
    Unfortunately I have also been ignored when asking people to clean up after their dogs.

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