Newsletter Feb-Mar 2011

Thanks to those who attended the AGM (I was unable to attend due to work commitments). The committee for this year is:
John Hewitson – Chairperson
Julie Stichbury – Secretary
John Brown – Treasurer
Lesley Anne Walker, Liz Duncan, Frank Averes, Maurice Turner, Brent Hayden, Warwick Bainbridge

Holiday activities
We would like to thank everyone who came along and/or helped us with these fun days. All were well attended and lots of fun had by all. Photos from these days can be found on our website. These days are annual events – 2 golf tournaments, boat day, sand sculpture day and sports day.

Beach Clean up
Thank you to everyone who came along and helped clean up our beach, such a shame this day is necessary. I was disappointed with the number of bottles I collected from the beach in the mornings over summer and the smoldering fires I put out. Fires need water poured over them not covered with sand to burn on and on.
Please remember there is actually a total fire ban at Waikawa Beach.

Rubbish Truck Collection
We hired a truck to pick up rubbish on Saturday 29th. This was well supported and the committee will most likely do this again in a couple of years.

Constable Ian Hamblyn can be contacted on 06 366 0500 should you need to report a problem. He will respond ASAP. Be proactive – take photos, registration numbers etc.

Web site
Don’t forget to look at this regularly. It is kept up to date with all local activities and news. Photos from the summer fun days can be viewed on this site.

For those who are yet to pay their subs, $25 can be paid to John Brown 9A Gateways Roseneath Wellington or paid into our account 03 0667 0268929 000 at Westpac Levin putting your name so we know who has paid. Thank you.

Rubbish Collection
A reminder that only official HDC rubbish bags will be collected. If you rent your property please ensure that bags are available and that tenants know which ones to use. If your neighbour has a platform please ask if you can use it – there are a number of dogs who roam the streets on a Sunday night tearing up rubbish bags leaving a hideous mess for someone else to clean up.

Recycling Bins
The contractors will only pick up recycling in official HDC bins. If you do not have one ring 06 366 0999 or email and a bin will be dropped at your property the following Monday. If you are a weekender it may be an idea to ask a neighbour to pop your new bin over your fence.

Houses for sale
I see there are at least 13 houses for sale at the moment. When I bought my house in Spring 2009 there were only 3 to chose from – the other 2 are still on the market. A sign of the economic times maybe.

That’s my first newsletter for the year. Our next committee meeting will be held over Easter and I will have another newsletter sometime after that. If you need to contact me, please be aware I do not have an answer phone.

Julie Stichbury

32 Sarah Street
Waikawa Beach
RD 31
Ph: 06 3626 119

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