Those Worm Holes

Black car stuck in the sand.
Even the most experienced can get caught. This was 2 km north of Waikawa River on Christmas Eve. as

Black car stuck in the sand, front view.
These holes can occur a good distance from the water at low tide

One thought on “Those Worm Holes”

  1. Not sure I’m sympathetic.
    Why the need to drive so close to the kuku lagoon conservation area where (amongst other things) spoonbills and oyster catchers live and breed …
    But still, we’ve got so many vehicles south of the river mouth; too crowded down there. Lets head north. Plenty of space. Stuff the foot walkers (who invited them here?) and the natural habitat. We didn’t come here in our big 4-wheel drives, to sit in comfort whilst our dogs run behind, just to care about a little natural habitat anyway …

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