Work Wish List

About 18 months ago the following work was identified by the Association and the Horowhenua District Council. Some has been completed and some is partly completed.

Hank Edwards Reserve .
• Remove rail that has been pulled off fence, remove nails, relocate plants and form small lime pathway through.
• Arrange for the removal of the peppercorn tree in the very south-east corner of the reserve in the bush area
• Formalise the end of pathway that runs along the edge of the river where the Memorial Seat has been installed. This may mean a light coating of gravel and cutting back of vegetation
• Organise for the installation of a swing under the large macrocarpa on the western side. Will require an arborists inspection to ensure that branch is sound and splicing of sea saw ropes and seat. If required spread cushionfall over existing iceplant.
• There is an area of flat weed spraying at the northern end of the reserve that has been missed
• Organise for a small mac slab, about 1.5m in length to go on the end of the walkway over the stormwater outlet. Coach screw into place.
• Organise for the post on the southern side of the toilets that connects the gate chain to be upgrade to a 200 x 200.
• Organise for the southern side of the toilet’s depression to be top-soiled and topped up
• Toilet. Remove the entire roof and reaffix with stainless steel fixings. Due to the large amount of work this will involve it is proposed that this is undertaken in the next one to two years.
• Relocate shower to the middle of the open area at the back between both toilets. Organise for shower to be installed onto a stainless pole and a shower pad cut and poured underneath with ground-fall into the gully trap.
• Arrange for the removal of the shinness (?) at the front of the toilet block on the northern side to release the cabbage tree and also arrange for the lifting of the adjoining radiate on the neighbouring property.
• Lighting of toilet block – it was requested that consideration be given to the lighting of the toilet block throughout the night. It is Council’s general policy that toilet blocks are not lit throughout the night in rural areas. As such, this request will not be followed up at this time.

Waikawa Stream Overbridge Area
• Rearrange the carpark to include vehicles parking on the southern side of Waikawa Beach Road as opposed to the northern side
• Water run-off – currently there is a water run-off issue off the end of the carpark and running down and scouring the edge of the new concrete boat ramp. It is proposed to alleviate this issue with the installation of a concrete dish channel
• At the entrance to this area it is proposed to remove the current low white railing fence arrangement, the sleepers and the smaller bollards and chain and reinstate the larger bollards with hanging rope and a chain entrance way on to the Reserve site
• Arrange for new signage to replace the existing which discusses access over the bridge and vehicular access and activities in the area
• Arrange for embankments on both sides of the bridge to be rectified (which includes the installation of retaining wall and backfill)

Street Trees, Street Lights and Street Items
• The entrance to beach – relocate street light on to pole on other side of street located by fire tank as currently blocked by three large banksia trees
• PDs to arrange for painting of fire tanks at this location
• Sarah Street – lift 4x Macrocarpas on boundary of road reserve and private property as currently blocking verge
• Gum over road further up Sarah Street – remove large bottom limb to allow for truck access
• Intersection of Cathryn and Manga Pirau Streets – arrange for the lifting of Macrocarpa. Also have further discussion for the relocation of the street light to further light the area

Coastal Access Signs, Fencing and Planting
• Organise in the autumn of 2010 for planting of spinifex along the boundary of the dunes on Manga Pirau Street. Further discussion will need to be held with John on this to organise a residents’ planting or something similar for this activity
• Discuss with Glen Belsham or other local Waikawa Beach resident or small contractor to arrange for further fencing of the dune areas to the north and to the south at Waikawa Beach

Drake Street Macrocarpas
• Arrange for the lifting of 5-6 large Macrocarpas on Drake Street
• Arrange for the tidying of the walkway on Drake Street to be upgraded to include the bollards and rope and a single large bollard with rope at the top
• Arrange for the removal of the large callistemon outside 17 Drake Street that has split out.
• Arrange for the PDs to paint the water tank on Arthur Street
• Arrange for the removal and poisoning of the white willow from the corner of Arthur and Drake Streets
• HDC to organise keys for WBRA for new Noticeboard.
• Process also to be undertaken to review how and when the removal of the old Noticeboard is undertaken

In March the Council want to hear of any work required in the next 12 months so thast they can decide on priorities. If you have anything that you think requires attention let us know either by a comment on this we site or send us an email.

One thought on “Work Wish List”

  1. There are a couple of things I would like to see to improve Waikawa Beach
    1. Longer holding or merging lanes both on and off State highway 1 at the junction of Waikawa Beach Road.
    2. Fix the approaches to the bridge near Takapau Road. Cross it 100 times and it will probably cost you a set of shocks.

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