This is the AED (defribrilator) that we have purchased and which is on the street facing wall of the public changing rooms in the Hank Edwards Reserve.

Waikawa Beach AED defibrillator.

Waikawa Beach AED defibrillator as at January 2017.

If you see a person collapsing or if you find a person who has collapsed and is unconscious you must if necessary raise the alarm by ringing the Ambulance on 111.

Tell them you are at Waikawa Beach, Horowhenua and they will tell you the code to access the AED. At the same time, start CPR.

When you open the AED a voice will give full instructions on CPR and on how to use the AED.

[Updated January 2017, with new location. ]

The AED was originally on the fence outside 14 Manga Pirau Street as the photo below shows.

AED defribrilator.
AED defribrilator.

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