Motor Bikes in Sand Dunes

Recently a number of residents have made complaints regarding motor bikes, especially across the bridge. If you see people with dirt bikes in the dunes, or people behaving dangerously or illegally please take their rego and/or a photo of the bike or the vehicle which they are bought to the beach on and contact the Levin Police.

3 thoughts on “Motor Bikes in Sand Dunes”

  1. Hi John and others – re the bikes riding in the dunes across the bridge.
    I would like to point out that, as the land is privately owned, maybe these riders are unaware of that fact.
    They probably think the land between the bridge and the beach is public which it is not.
    We know that the police are unlikely to come down and tell someone off for riding in that area unless it is life threatening unfortunately – especially for all the people who enjoy walking there..
    We, as owners of the beach land across the bridge, certainly do not encourage anyone to ride in there but it is very hard to police and I am afraid to say everyone has the same right to be there which truth be known is nil..
    However all I can suggest that people to do is leave the vehicles a note telling them that they are in fact riding on private land and have no permission to be there.
    It might be an idea to leave the details of the Horowhenua Motor Cycle Club which organises charity trail rides [ costs about $30 a year for family memberships ]. is the website for them. – much better and safer to be on an organised ride than to be in a position of coming over a hill into someone walking up from the other side.
    I am presuming that the riders whom are being complained about are NOT from Waikawa Beach as I am sure most in this area know we own that part of the beach and respect it accordingly…

  2. Hi All,
    If I phoned the police whenever I saw a motorbike north of the bridge in the sandhills I’d never get off the phone. In the summer I walked up the coast to Kuku beach & heard the drone of bikes all the way, saw one or two from a distance in the dunes. No numberplates & too far away for a photo anyway. The only way to stop this is police patrols, anything else will be ineffective. Meanwhile south of the river, quad-bike riders especially use the beach as a racetrack/playground rather than as a quiet road as it is intended. Also I do not believe this will change without more direct law-enforcement.

  3. Yes I agree here. It’s a shame Ian Hamblyn has left our coastline this season as he had great success in raising awareness up Waitarere beach way whilst he was the local enforocement man for our district. Anyone seen any whitebait in the rivers lately? yummy times are commin again!

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