Rubbish Bags

As usual last Monday morning, 30 January 2012, was similar to many others especially after holiday periods when the village takes on the appearance of a rubbish dump after rubbish bags that have been left out on the ground overnight have been attacked by dogs or birds or cats or maybe even rabbits.

Regardless of what animals are responsible, the mess left is not the responsibility of the rubbish collectors to clean up and the rats and other rodents are probably having a field day.

Solutions are to build a stand above the ground or hire a bin – about $5 per week.

2 thoughts on “Rubbish Bags”

  1. Or put your rubbish out on the morning of collection, or take it home with you if you are leaving Sunday night, or ask someone else to put it out who is at Waikawa on Monday morning.

  2. Is it true that strathnaver no longer has rubbish collection?. A kind neighbor advised that the truck isnt coming around anymore, and he has been moving bags closer to where they do pick up?

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