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Queen’s Birthday Weekend was my last newsletter. We have had a quiet winter with just the usual complaints about unleashed dogs and hoons riding quads and motor bikes in the sandhills.

Summer Holiday Family Fun Days

We have dates for the summer holiday family fun days:

  • Friday 27th December — AGM at 3pm in the reserve. Refreshments follow meeting. If it’s too wet this will be held in the garage at 4 Cathryn Street.
  • Monday 30th December — LAWN BOWLS FAMILY FUN DAY at Manakau Bowling Club at 2pm. Bowls are available. A BBQ will follow play. The bar will be open for drinks. Flat shoes must be worn so as not to harm the green
  • Tuesday 31st December — 18 HOLE GOLF at Otaki Golf course, teeing off at 11am. Green fees apply. Interested players please contact John on 3626 926 or
  • Wednesday 1st January — SPORTS DAY at 2pm in the reserve
  • Thursday 2nd January — GOLF AMBROSE FUN DAY at Levin Golf Club teeing off at 10 am. Green fees apply. Interested players please contact Ngaire on 3626 007 or
  • Saturday 4th January — BOAT DAY in the river by the bridge at 11am
  • Saturday 11th January — SAND SCULPTURE DAY across the river. Judging at 3pm. Please remember sculptures MUST be made with things found ON THE BEACH not brought from home.
  • We have an alternate date for boat day should the weather be too cold for the competitors, Sunday 19th January (Wellington Anniversary weekend)

Queens Birthday Social Afternoon

Our Queens Birthday Social Afternoon was enjoyed by those who attended. This was held at the Manakau Bowling Club. We played lawn bowls then some indoor games before afternoon tea. We hope to do this again in 2014. Many thanks to the Manakau Bowling & Sports Club members for their hospitality.

Working Bee

At Labour Weekend we had a Working Bee tidying the gardens at the road entrance to the village.

HDC is in charge of some of the upkeep of our public grounds but the association has areas it has to tend. Thanks to those who helped.

A Haven For Wild Birds

Some work was done on the groyne at the river bend. While this didn’t help the white baiters it has created a haven for wild birds. Spoonbills, herons, shags, godwits, terns, stilts, paradise ducks can be seen regularly at the billabong (southern) end of what used to be the river.

Spoonbills, a heron a pied stilt and other sea birds enjoying the billabong at the south end of the river.
Spoonbills, a heron a pied stilt and other sea birds enjoying the billabong at the south end of the river.

The Whitebait Season

The whitebait season has been one of the worst on record. Whitebaiters have had to contend with very high winds and strong seas during the season to date. The sea has been very dirty with a dark brown algae, millions of blue bottles and huge amounts of drift wood. In some instances the fishermen have come away without catching a single whitebait.

Because the river was cut just prior to the season opening the river stayed comparatively straight and as a result the sea flowed directly into the river mouth. In past seasons because the river meandered across the inlet the sea was to some extent was tempered by the bends and the distance.

My new life in New Zealand

For the past 3 months we have had a Chinese visitor at Waikawa Beach — the mother of the Chinese lad who was here last year. You may have seen her out walking or catching the school bus in the mornings. Marcy teaches English at a school in China and wrote this piece for our newsletter:

In China, people knew NZ through the film “the Lord the Rings”. Mention NZ, people say, ‘That is a beautiful island country’. With friends Christine and Glen’s help, I came to NZ and began a new life for 3 months.

My purpose to come here was to improve my English in order to teach my students well. And meanwhile I wanted to learn about NZ’s culture and people’s life. Of course I wanted to visit the beautiful landscapes of NZ.

Christine and Glen offered me all opportunities. They contacted Manakau School for me. So on Monday Tuesday and Thursday, I went to school every week. On Wednesday, I follow Glen to the bowling club or went to the shop. On Friday, Glen drove me to the swimming pool in Levin. On weekends, we enjoyed life, sometimes doing gardening, sometimes cooking desserts, sometimes visited friends.

The three months, I lived with Christine and Glen together was the most happy and relaxed time in my life.

NZ’s meat and dairy are grand quality, I enjoyed them. Although vegetable varieties in NZ are not too much, they are natural and pollution-free, I like them.

In order to improve my English, Christine designed questions and let me answer, corrected my diaries, found some books and data for me. To improve my oral English and learn about NZ, she arranged me to interview her friends, colleagues and neighbours. They were very friendly to me and answered my all questions, never minding embarrassing questions. They are very candid. Thanks for their kindness.

We have travelled to many places together. I have been to Picton, Nelson, Farewell Spit, Wellington, Levin, Foxton, Palmerston North, Masterton, Taupo, Tauranga and Mt Maunganui.

I was attracted by NZ beautiful landscapes, Towering peaks, plentiful forests and paddocks, lots of cows and sheep, beautiful beaches, blue and clear lakes, numerous rivers, gorgeous falls, magical thermal wonderland. Everywhere is green, no bare land. NZ is a fertile land. I love it.

Glen also took me to the theatre in Wellington, We enjoyed world–class costume show. WOW. He took me to a Chinese restaurant in NZ.

Their folks and friends received me kindly, and took me to go sightseeing. I travelled to Wanganui, Sanson, Marton, Crosshills, and Shannon. I was taken to many beautiful places and introduced to many things.

NZ people have a kind, friendly and outgoing personality. In Levin Aquatic Center, many people talked warmly to me. I couldn’t swim but some ladies lifted me up to let me kick the water with my feet. When I went to the swimming pool first time, I asked a lady where I should put my clothes. She led me to the shelves at once, with only one shoe on at the time. Once in Levin, I asked a young lady for a toilet, she took me to look for a toilet. She didn’t leave until she found a toilet. On the streets, many people said hello to me, even though I didn’t know them. Whenever I went, I felt safe and happy, no one caused me to feel uncomfortable in NZ.

Manakau School was my favourite place. While I was there, I enjoyed every day and learnt a lot. The principal, Paddy is always busy. He ensures every pupil is safe and the school is operating efficiently. When school is finished every day, he makes sure all pupils are on the school bus. Every teacher is dedicated and they do their best to improve every pupil. I learnt many advanced teaching methods from them, especially Mrs Newman. In NZ, children are very happy, their lessons interesting, with a shorter time at school, so they don’t get tired. They often take part in all kinds of activities. Every child is so lovely, they have good behaviour, are polite, and help each other. I love every child at Manakau School.

Beautiful NZ, the most cleanest country in the world, I love you. If I have another chance, one day, I will come back to visit my friends and beautiful NZ.

Marcy Liu

Rubbish Bags And Recycling

People who are renting their property over the holiday period please ensure your house has sufficient official rubbish bags and a recycling bin. HDC contractors will only collect items in official bags and bins. There will most likely be a recycling truck at the reserve, this will be confirmed in the next newsletter.

The Defibrillator

Don’t forget there is a defibrillator on the fence at 14 Manga Pirau St. If needed, dial 111 and they will give you the padlock code to open the locked box. The machine provides easy to follow instructions.

Speed Limit On The Beach — keep our beach safe

The speed limit on the beach for all vehicles is 30kph. We don’t really want police patrolling around but they will have to if offenders keep driving dangerously. Please keep our beach safe for families and critters alike.

Rabbits Are Taking Over

When I walk my dog in the early morning and evening we see them everywhere, especially lots of babies. John Hewitson has some poison if they are a problem at your place.

Annual subscriptions

Annual subscriptions are due now. These subs cover things like fun days, the hard rubbish collection, defibrillator, maintenance at the reserve and the entrance to the beach settlement. We also donate annually to the PN rescue helicopter. The fee of $25 can be paid with a cheque sent to: E White, PO Box 30309 Lower Hutt 5040 or you can pay over the internet to our account: 03 0667 0268929 000. Please remember to put your name and/or beach address.

This newsletter is being sent to all email addresses that we have. It will only be posted to financial members. If you received this newsletter by post, and you have access to email, please forward your email address to: It is cheaper and less time consuming.

There will be another newsletter before the holidays with recycling truck times and any other helpful information for holiday makers. It will also include some history about Waikawa

Many thanks to those who contributed to this newsletter

Julie Stichbury

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