Intersection Waikawa Beach Road – SH1

The Association recently wrote to NZTA seeking information on the proposed improvements to the intersection of Waikawa Beach Road and SH1.

Their reply is printed below.

Thank you for your email about the Waikawa Beach Access.

I would like to reassure you that we certainly have plans to improve the access at Waikawa Beach Road alongside the speed limit reduction and removal of the passing lane, and that this includes proposals to improve both right and left turning bays.

I am not sure what information you have already viewed, but if you have not already seen them, you may be interested to look at some plans and reports which are available on the internet. The key report is the “Manakau and Ohau Scheme Assessment Report” which is available here:

Page 33 is of significant interest for Waikawa Beach Road – please see the following paragraph which may allay your concerns: Waikawa Beach Road (RP 985/8.12)

This intersection services the beach community and a number of rural properties. Layout is functional and will benefit from the proposed removal of the southbound passing lane. The intersection layout was reviewed and sight distances are acceptable. The existing radius for the left turn into Waikawa Beach Road is tight and is proposed to be upgraded (which will require a small amount of land acquisition). In addition, a more formal higher standard left turn deceleration lane can be provided, allowing vehicles to move out of the main through lane to decelerate before turning into the side road. The existing right turn bay into Waikawa Beach Road is also significantly substandard, offering only 45m total length of auxiliary lane26.

Recommendation: Provide improved left and right turn facilities by way of a wider sealed shoulder and flush median respectively. Also improve the right turn bay to comply with current standards (noting this intersection will be within the proposed 80km/h zone).

Plans of our proposed scheme at Waikawa Beach Road are on Sheet 3 of 7 in the link below.

We will be considering the feedback from public consultation (including your e-mail) in developing the next phase of works. We hope to be able to proceed to designing this scheme this year.

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