Junction Waikawa Beach Road / SH1

The following email was received by the Ratepayers Association on 23 December.

Landowners were consulted in September on the improvements. The safety improvement works for Manakau have gone out to tender and the tender will be awarded in January 2015 with works due to start in February. Plans showing the works are attached. You’ll note that safety improvements at the intersection of SH1 and Waikawa Beach Road include:

  • Threshold treatments at the entrance to the township, thereby slowing traffic down – an 80km/h speed limit
  • Right turning lane for southbound traffic
  • New kerb and channel with planting

Waikawa Beach Road intersection plan.

What is very disappointing is that the attached drawings show none of the improvements asked for and in fact some of the present safety measures will disappear.

There will be a demerging lane when coming from the north into Waikawa as at present but no such lane when heading south from Waikawa. This is especially dangerous as the double overtaking lane will also disappear.

When heading north into Waikawa there is no demerging lane and when going north from Waikawa the merging lane seems to have disappeared. Many curbs are been installed at the intersection which will inhibit run offs in emergencies. Nothing is planned about the power pole which conveniently blocks the view south when waiting at the intersection or an adequate holding lane into Manakau if a train blocks the road.

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