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Hi all

Winter is nearly over. The mornings are getting lighter and I no longer need lights on when I’m driving home from work. Soon I’ll be out on my boogie board, yay!

I took this photo early on a cool frosty morning late August. It depends who I speak to but some guys say they are having a great year and some are complaining that the white bait aren’t running.

Frosty morning whitebaiters.

Frosty morning whitebaiters.

Driscoll Park

The Horowhenua District Council has secured a lease of the railway land alongside Honi Taipua Street in Manakau which was formerly occupied by Ravensdown.

This land is to be developed as an extension to Driscoll Park by and on behalf of the Manakau community.

A small steering group has been formed to help manage this project. The terms of reference require that all development requires the approval of both the Manakau District Community Association and the Horowhenua District Council.

The Council has approved the release of funds from the Driscoll fund and this will need to be supplemented through the course of this project. The Manakau District Community Association will be undertaking fundraising activities to support the development.

This is a Community project which will be completed as funds become available through membership and fundraising events. Please feel free to contact a member of the Driscoll Park extension steering group with your ideas on how you visualise the park or fundraising ideas.

The terms of reference can be found on the Manakau District Community Association website .

Project Plan


The first move will be to remove the corrugated iron fence and majority of trees on park frontage along Honi Taipua Street leaving the cabbage trees. This will then give a clean canvas to work from. The HDC plan on-going maintenance of grass and control of weeds


Relocation of the flagpoles to a site (yet to be agreed) near the Cenotaph before ANZAC Day Development of a fence line along the railway side of the park extension

Development of a park plan

Community consultation on the park plan

Site preparation


Further site development and planting

Progress dependent on available funding

Driscoll Park.

Driscoll Park.

Family Fun Days

Your committee will be meeting very soon to organise the holiday family fun days. Details will be in the next newsletter. Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us this year, it was such a shame having the sports day rained off last summer.

Wellington Orienteering Club

We are planning on running an event at Waikawa Beach on Sunday 21st September 2014. We were wondering if anyone in your local community might be interested in coming and having a go at orienteering and seeing what it is all about, we would like to offer this for free to locals.

We are keen to do this as a show of thanks to the locals, particularly in regard to the international event we ran in your park in the summer 2012/2013. From now we hope to run a small local event (50-100) people in Waikawa every year, with perhaps the odd group also popping past to go for a training run.

That’s all for September

Thanks to those who helped me put this newsletter together

Julie Stichbury

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