Wish List

Councils reply in itallics but will be kept on list those items that we feel are important.
ο‚· Drain at front of change shed to clear. Done
ο‚· Some street signs missing. Put up higher to avoid vandalism.
ο‚· New roof for toilet block. No money
ο‚· Install β€œBeware of Children” Signs at entrance to village Not justified
ο‚· 30 kph speed limit in settlement in holiday periods. Not justified. Too hard
ο‚· Move 50 kph limit boundary further east towards main road. Not allowed under rules
ο‚· 80 kph limit from Takapau Road to 50 kph boundary. Too hard
ο‚· Speed Sign on beach access 30kmh. Too hard
ο‚· Sink hole outside 50 Manga Pirau to fill. Done ?

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Waikawa Beach or Manakau

New Zealand