Letter from Counciller Mitchell re Items raised at AGM

Hi Everyone
Below are question/concerns from your AGM in December, and answers from Council officers.

The rubbish issue is also a problem at Waitarere Beach and I am hoping for a solution in the near future.
I have replied to the officer and told him that the rubbish concern did not come from a non-permanent resident.
I am also waiting for up-to-date legal advice re the Coastal inundation report. I will get back to you when I know what is happening.

1. NZTA proposals for upgrade of SH1 at Waikawa intersection. They would like to see feeder lanes from both north and South to enable traffic to enter Waikawa Beach Road safely. And also feeder lanes for traffic leaving WB Road entering SH1, going both north and south.

Kevin Peel (Roading Manager) will consider this request during consultation with NZTA etc.

2. Apparently some people are putting their rubbish bags up on fences to stop them being interfered with by animals. The rubbish collector is not collecting them from the fences. I suspect that this is because it is difficult for him to do so. Can we put our thinking hats on and come up with a solution? Gulls and wandering dogs can be a problem at beach communities.

Officers believe that this is from non-permanent residents placing their waste against the fence when they leave. We will look into this, and also arrange for Animal Control to patrol the area on rubbish day to observe any stray animals.

3. The only vehicle access onto the beach is through private land. Is it possible for Council to form an access way through our reserve land?

Not in the near future for vehicle access, but improvements for pedestrian access through reserve land are possible.

4. It is felt that the variegated macrocarpa tree planted on the road verge near the entrance to the settlement has grown too big and is a hazard.

Officers will review this tree and take necessary action (removal or crown lifting) if required.

5. When are the road words planned for Waikawa Beach Road near Emma Drive likely to be done?

Tree removal to start next week, contract works to commence the week of 9th Feb with substantial completion by end of April.

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