Rating Valuations 2015

Hi everyone

I wish to encourage you to put in a submission to the Horowhenua Council against the change of the rating system from land based values to capital value.

You can check your property here on line by just putting in your address horowhenua.govt.nz/Council/Consultation/Draft-Long-Term-Plan-2015-2025/Indicative-Rating-Calculator/

Submissions close next Friday, 3 April 2015 at 5:00pm.

It is easy to comment you can just submit your comments online here https://horodc.cloudguru365.com/GetPublishedForm.ashx/PNXQR7UQI?!a=QohoIY.YaolIRlhl845.Yom1&!u=U7ohmsGQohouQUrl1.Robi.re3

I checked up on our own house GV in the mid $300Ks and our rates will go up by $600 per annum instantly, (includes this year’s 8% increase in rates). A relatives house at $300K will go up $400 per annum so I am guessing everyone in Waikawa Beach will have their rates go up if the changes goes ahead

I spoke to Garry Good the deputy Mayor yesterday in the library who said they have had very few submissions so far, but this proposal has come about from pressure from Grey power who have 1000 members.. they want to pay less for rates (as do we all) and get subsidies as well so I guess they expect everyone else to pay for that

So please make your submission the more the better because if you don’t this change will happen

Best regards Craig Dewhurst 06 362 6896

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