A haircut for the entrance

The entranceway was getting a bit overgrown. Many thanks to the volunteers who helped give it a trim in July 2017.

Village entrance trees trimmed.

One of the splendid things about arriving at Waikawa Beach village is the entranceway, planted sometime before March 2005. [Anyone know exactly when? It’d be great to fill in that detail.] In that time the plants have thrived, and a haircut was needed. Margaret Burns reports:

The dangers to passageway for foot traffic, cycles and the occasional horse trail riders promoted the need for shrub and tree clearance at the entrance to the village on Waikawa Beach Road.

The berm reserve, being the responsibility of the WBRA, has been mowed and tended over the years by Peter Clarke, a local resident who is contracted by the Association. Matt Fogden, also a local resident, did a great job with his mechanical tractor saws, topping and side clearing the trees and shrubs. (Matt also provides a similar service for Waikawa residents who require assistance with property maintenance.)

Over a couple of fine days in late July (which was a rarity this winter!), willing hands spent many hours clipping, raking, wheelbarrowing, mulching and generally tidying up. Thank you to all those who assisted. Here’s a before and after pair of photos.

Waikawa Beach entrance plantings — a bit overgrown.
Waikawa Beach entrance plantings — a bit overgrown.

Village entrance trees trimmed.
Village entrance trees trimmed.

Also thank you to John Hewitson for the use of his mulcher which was certainly put to very good use. The mulch has been laid down for a nutrient source for new shrubs and trees required in current bare spaces. There are still days required to finish the mulching and plant out when the Association makes purchases.

The WBRA also intends to work on the next clean-up site which is situated at the beginning of Strathnaver Drive (just off Sarah Street).

If you are available to assist in any capacity over the next few weeks, please contact wbra.committee@gmail.com

Our thanks to all those who helped out with labour and / or equipment:

  • Debra and Steven Betts
  • Fraser from Sarah / Duncan Street
  • John Hewitson
  • Margaret and Kevin Burns
  • Matt Fogden
Some of the entrance way tidy up volunteers.
Some of the entrance way tidy up volunteers. Margaret and Kevin Burns, Fraser from Sarah / Duncan Street, Steve Betts.

Photos by Miraz Jordan.

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