Beach speed submission 2017, Part Two

The Association made both written and oral submissions on the Council’s plans to change the maximum speed for vehicles travelling on the beach.

30 Kph speed request.

In Fast or slow: what’s the best speed for our beach? we talked about the Horowhenua District Council’s consultation on vehicle speeds on the beach, and the submission the Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association sent in. In brief: we support lower speeds and would like a special 30 Kph zone along the part of the beach from roughly where the village ends in the north all the way south to the border with Kāpiti.

On 27 October 2017 we made an oral submission to the Hearings Committee to support our position. Here’s what John Hewitson said:

Thank you for opportunity to speak to our submission.

The association would like to see the beach speed reduced from 100km/h to 40km/h but would agree with the comment made by Senior Sargeant Paroli that at 50km/h the harm caused in an accident is reduced.

Access to the beach is through private land and there is a sharp bend in the track thereby making others on the track hard to see thereby increasing the risk of an accident. The speed through the track and on to the beach should be a maximum of 30km/h. During the School and Christmas holidays the number of families staying at the beach increases hugely and as an example we had 65 plus kayaks entered in the boat race at Christmas time and the number of people attending the sports day on New Years day would well exceed 100. Access to these events is on the road.

The speed on Waikawa beach road is too high at 100km/h and needs to be reduced permanently to 80 km/h. Should it not be possible due to the Act to reduce it all the way from SH1 consideration needs to be made in reducing the speed to 80km/h from the Farm house at Waikawa Beach Road to the 50 km/h sign at the entrance to the settlement similar to Waiterere.

There are new gateways being established from this residence and there was a need to reduce the speed at Walkers Lane to 30km/h during the removal of logging.

The WBRA would also prefer that the 50km/h signs be moved out just beyond the planting at the entrance so that they are clearly visible to all entering and leaving the settlement.

It should also be stated that there are no footpaths in any of the areas mentioned and hence the request for a 30km/h speed over the busy Christmas period.

It is also hoped that once the speed is reduced to 30km/h across the area in front of the settlement that the incidence of trail and quad bikes entering the dunes and destroying the vegetation will end.

The HDC Hearings Committee Open Agenda 27 October 2017 (19.2 MB PDF) and Agenda Attachment (5.4 MB PDF) documents also provide more information on this topic. See especially the Officer Comment on Page 7 of the Agenda.

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