Can you help ID these Honesty box burglars?

Can you help identify a couple of guys who broke into the honesty box at Manna Milk up in North Manakau?

Manna Milk are at 48 Martins Road, Manakau, (off North Manakau Road). At the gate they have an honesty box.

Manna Milk honesty box burglars.
Manna Milk honesty box burglars.

Recently though a couple of guys spent quite a while breaking into that honesty box, and now the owners hope we can help identify the culprits.

They have a couple of videos on their Facebook page, and say:

Do you recognise this person or vehicle?

At approximately 5am on Monday 3/7/17 our security cameras recorded this man attempting to steal our honesty box at Manna Milk.

If you have any information that could help us identify this person or vehicle please send us a message or call us on 06 3626826. Alternatively you can call the Levin Police Station on 06 3660500.

30 minutes after the failed attempt to steal our honesty box at Manna Milk, the same man and an accomplice return to try their luck again…


…After a failed attempt to break in to the box with an axe the previous night, they have returned with a saw and a mallet to try again. They eventually popped the lid for their ample loot of $20-$30.

Any idea who these idiots are?

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