Keeping the peace, with bike bars

Wonderful things about Waikawa Beach include the peace and quiet, and that it’s a safe place for pedestrians to stroll around, enjoying the environment.

Over the bridge is a (private) forest and wonderland of dunes to explore. It’s a great place for kids, and dogs especially. Thanks to the Walkers who own it for letting us all enjoy this space.

Waikawa River at the bridge.

Waikawa River at the bridge, looking north.

There’s nothing relaxing though about motorbikes roaring around in the area, tearing up sand and vegetation. Parents and dog owners worry that a bike will appear over a dune or around a corner without warning and run down their loved ones.

Waikawa Beach sign - private land, no vehicles.

Waikawa Beach sign – private land, no vehicles.

In an effort to keep motorbikes out there were bars across the bridge entrance, but they didn’t work very well.

In late February 2017 the Council removed those bars and installed new bars with an updated design.

Bridge bars, looking north, with bike.

Bridge bars, looking north, with bike.

The bars allow a narrow passage, wide enough for a bicycle but too narrow for a motorbike.

Bridge bars, with bike for size.

Bridge bars, with bike for size.

Pedestrians can still go through the middle or around the sides.

Bridge bars, from the bridge.

Bridge bars, from the bridge.

Thanks to the Council for helping protect the environment and the people who want to enjoy it in peace.

Do you have any feedback on the new bars? Are they working for you? Let us know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Keeping the peace, with bike bars”

  1. The previous chain did not prevent cyclists getting their bikes over to the beach;
    Nor did it prevent motorcyclists from being on the beach. Totally unrelated, in fact.
    These motorcyclists are entering the beach at south of Manga Pirau St, and from Kuku beach to the north.
    Anyone who has truly explored the beach will be familiar with the tracks behind the forest to the north (beyond where Waikawa Stream turns in land). I can hear another bike on the beach AS I TYPE!
    Changing the access at the bridge is a waste of money, and might actually work against perambulators and wheelchairs from getting over the bridge. A chain at least, could be opened.
    The new entrance appears to be a complete waste of money.

    1. I, for one, would be keen to hear from people about their personal experiences with the bars. I’m not a wheelchair user, but would like to know if they can still access the bridge.

      As for the motorbikes — given they can readily get on to to the beach and then on to the dunes so many other ways these bars are more a deterrent than a prevention. Every bit helps though — for example, I lock my house when I go out, but a determined burglar could still break through a window, smash down a door or take some other extreme action to get in, if they were that keen.

      With any luck these bars will have a strong deterrent effect on the motorcyclists.

  2. Surely it should be pointed out that any dogs using the land across the bridge should be leashed, therefore their owners will have no fear of a bike suddenly appearing. The only off-leash area at Waikawa is on the beach south of the river mouth. Such a shame that this is ignored, starting with the chairman of the WBRA

    1. I’m sure parents also worry about their kids and the motorbikes, as will anyone who’s a bit unsteady or slow on their feet.

      As for dogs in the dunes area, I checked the sign this morning. While the wee picture shows a dog on a leash the only requirement is that dogs be ‘under control’. If they had to be on a leash it would say that.

      As a dog owner I can say that even if dogs are on leashes there’s still a concern about vehicles suddenly appearing. When I used to walk my two in the Wellington Town Belt on Mt Victoria they were always on a leash. We were regularly ‘disturbed’ by mountain bikes hurtling down and along the tracks. There was always the risk of a collision, or an accident while my dogs and I struggled to get out of the way in time.

      I seldom use the dune area across the bridge as we live on the Strathnaver side. Unfortunately that part of the beach is something of a danger zone too as motorbikes, quad bikes and cars all routinely and frequently use the beach. Many don’t stick to their allowed area below the latest high tide mark. Many go too fast, and sometimes they speed along as though they’re on the expressway. The Council notice helpfully tells drivers to obey the speed limit, but no speed limit is specified.

      1. The Horowhenua Dog Control Policy 2015 is quite clear in Schedule 1 (page 10) that dogs are PROHIBITED within 3 metres of any children’s playground. That would include the small play area in Hank Edwards Reserve.
        And all sports grounds – although Hank Edwards Reserve probably does not qualify!

        The Horowhenua Dog Control Policy 2015 is quite clear in Schedule 1 (page 13) that dogs MUST BE LEASHED on all residential streets. No explicit mention is made of Hank Edwards Reserve, however that would come under the definition of a Public Place, wherein dogs must be leashed.

        Dogs may be UNLEASHED on Waikawa Beach. No mention is made in the Dog Control Policy of either north or south of Waikawa Stream (unless I missed it).

        Most of the land over the bridge is PRIVATE LAND, so in fact the landowners can stipulate any access rules or dog control rules.

        Please refer to
        Since we have all been informed, I expect we will now all comply!
        And don’t start me on dog poo!

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