Report on road signs 2003

In March 2003 John Brown supplied this report on signs leading to and at Waikawa Beach.


by John Brown, 2003

This is a report on the signs at Waikawa Beach and on the road leading to the beach.

Some are traffic signs and others give information about beach use and other facilities. Most have been erected by the District Council.

Some are not clearly visible because of their placement and others because they are obscured by tree growth etc. Some are hard to read because they are too small and others because they are in a poor state of repair.

The road signs are not consistent. Only two bends are marked with speed restrictions however there are 5 other dangerous bends covering a 4 kilometre stretch of road. The general notice for bends covers only 3 kilometres. The general notice may not be appropriate as there are some long straights between some of the bends.

Road bend signs.

Road bend signs.

One bad corner outside the 3 kilometre designated area is marked with a speed limit westbound but an incomplete sign eastbound.

Westbound Eastbound and rumble strips.

Westbound Eastbound and rumble strips.

The rumble strip sign is very small and seems unnecessary. If the purpose of the strips is to wake up the driver then the sign will not be seen until the strips are reached which is too late to read it.

The 50 kph sign on the left side of the road at the entrance is hidden behind a flax bush. The colour on the sign is fading and there is another small sign immediately below, which could cause distraction.

Flax hides the 50 Kph sign.

Flax hides the 50 Kph sign.

The recently installed hump in Sarah Street is very hard to see because of the limited paint area on the small hump. The signs from a distance of about 100 metres are hidden behind tree growth.

Sarah St speed bump.

Sarah Street speed bump.

Of the three signs at the entrance to Waikawa, one is hard to read because of the colouring, another has nothing on it and a third, which I believe is of sentimental or historical value, does not enhance the vision of a well maintained and orderly community.

Entry signs.

Entry signs.

The Hank Edwards sign is very good. Some may argue that it is not in the correct position and should be in front of the changing shed in Mangu Pirau Street.

The only other sign at the entrance to Waikawa indicates where the pavilion is but is small, a non standard colour and hidden behind a tree.

Pavilion sign.

Pavilion sign.

There are no signs to indicate beach access. The one at the southern end of Mangu Pirau Street says other things but gives no indication that it is a beach access.

Private property.

Private property.

There are 2 un-marked legal beach accesses further north in this street.

There are a collection of signs near the bridge. One is in a dirty condition. It gives no indication of the distance to the beach. I believe that this is also over private land or is there access around the northern riverbank.

Help preserve the beach.

Help preserve the beach.

Once over the bridge there are the remains of a number of signs, which do not say very much.

Signs across the bridge.

Signs across the bridge.

The only sign at the beach to indicate recent planting is falling apart however most of the replanting has disappeared also. It says pingao and spinifex has been planted however other signs name it marram grass, which is incorrect.

There are a number of fire signs and I do not know what message they convey and to whom.

Fire signs.

Fire signs.

The sign giving historic information is just after rounding a blind bend when eastbound. There are no speed restrictions and if cars are parked at the sign a dangerous situation exists.

Historic Waikawa.

Historic Waikawa.

Below are some examples of signs in other areas but which could be used in Waikawa

Slow down signs.

Slow down and other signs.


At 2.2 kilometres from main road junction a sign for winding road next 4 kilometres.

At 3 kilometre bend a speed restriction sign

At 3.55 kilometre bend a speed restriction sign

At 3.7 kilometre bend a speed restriction sign

At 3.9 kilometre bend a speed restriction sign

At 5.2 kilometre bend a speed restriction sign

At 5.7 kilometre bend a speed restriction sign

At 6 kilometre bend a speed restriction sign

The above signs should be repeated for eastbound traffic at the appropriate positions.

A distance to go sign at the main road junction

50 km restriction zone moved 100 metres east

New additional larger signs at present position of 50 km zone such as reduced speed in holiday season

Pedestrian sign — no footpaths at entrance

Make hump in Sarah Street more visible

Repaint “Waikawa Beach” a colour that stands out.

Remove blank sign.

Move the damaged brown Waikawa Beach sign to near bridge or even over the bridge.

One sign giving all the conditions for using Hank Edwards Park such as No overnight camping, no leaving rubbish, no fires except in designated barbeque area (is there one), no quad bikes in park, all dogs on leash.

All beach accesses marked

At all beach accesses, rules for that part of beach e.g. no dumping of any rubbish whatsoever, all dogs on leashes (if that is the rule and is enforceable), rules concerning toheroa, whitebait, flounder and other fish if necessary, sand dune protection advice.

Information about bird life in the area.

Widen road near historical information sign to allow safe parking.

The following was sent to all persons in the Wellington Regional Council area recently. It spells out the danger of dumping garden rubbish on sand dune areas.

Put weeds in their place.

Put weeds in their place.

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