Waikawa Beach A Favourite Holiday Destination For Levin Couple

There’s something magical about the beach area. (12 September 2006)

Tuesday September 12, 2006: Graham and Jan Taylor don’t have far to travel when they want to visit their favourite holiday spot.

The Levin couple’s holiday destination of choice is a short distance away at Waikawa Beach.

About ten years ago they bought a section with a garage on it at the beach area in Manga Pirau Street.

They thought about building on the land but decided against going through the hassles of getting resource consent.

Instead after subdividing their Levin farm block and selling off their herd of cows they invested in a bus which they had fitted out into a luxury mobile home they called the Stonycreek Xplora.

After stocking up on food and other provisions they drive the short distance to their plot of land and camp out for as long as they want.

Favourite visiting times are during the whitebaiting season or Christmas periods or simply whenever they feel the urge.

Mr Taylor said there was something magical about the beach area.

“It’s just so peaceful. It’s another world.”

He said very few people knew about Waikawa Beach until about five years ago when subdivisions started happening especially Strathnaver Glen.

“That gave it a lot more publicity and then there was another subdivision with Waikawa Heights.

“We’ve known about the area for years and started to go out there about 40 years ago.

“While more people are living there now there are times when there’s no one around and you’re the only one on the beach.”

Graham and Jan Taylor like to stay at Waikawa Beach in the comfort of their luxury motor home.
Graham and Jan Taylor like to stay at Waikawa Beach in the comfort of their luxury motor home.

Some of the couple’s favourite pastimes in the area include walking around the expansive beach area to casting whitebait nets.

“Our holidays vary from a couple of weeks to just a few days. It’s great because it’s handy enough to get out there anytime. It’s not a big trip away,” he said.

Mrs Taylor said Waikawa was a quiet laid back place.

“There’s no commercial area and not even a shop — but that doesn’t bother us. It’s part of the appeal.”


Source: A Horowhenua-Kapiti Chronicle series celebrating all that is good about life in our region — Tuesday September 12, 2006

Many thanks to Linda Lambess for not only contributing this article from her archives, but also typing it up. See also A Jewel In The Crown.

Original article, September 12, 2006.
Original article, September 12, 2006. Click for larger version.

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