What’s the (long-term) plan?

Act now — What’s our Future Horowhenua? Feedback closes on 27 October 2017. Ideas for Council’s long-term plan. http://www.horowhenua.govt.nz/Council/Have-Your-Say/Whats-our-Future-Horowhenua

What's our Future Horowhenua?

Horowhenua District Council are looking for ideas to feed into their 2018–2038 Long-term Plan. Consultation closes on 27 October 2017. If you have thoughts on their plan visit their website and let them know. Also leave a Comment below to help us understand the thinking of our community. The Council say:

All feedback will be compiled and considered by Council Officers who will pull together the 2018–2038 Long Term Plan. Next year, in February, we’ll have a more formal submission process — this will be your time to consider the options and tell us if we got it right, or if further changes are needed. It is during this formal process when hearings are held — your chance to speak to all elected members, and we (Council) comes back to you on your submission with a response.

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