Aerial photos from the archive

WBRA archive map 1942.

We found some copies of aerial photos in the Association’s archive that are very interesting. These pictures show the outflow of the river in the years 1942, 1957, 1962, 1967 and 1972.

Of particular interest is the village: it wasn’t there in 1942, but was building up around Drake Street by 1957. By 1962 Arthur Street and part of Manga Pirau Street appeared.

In 1942 the photos clearly show that Waikawa River took a definite turn to the south, flowing all the way down to around the Waiorongomai Stream before going into the sea. That’s around 2 Km.

Note too how the Ōhau Stream shows up quite nearby in some.

Here below are .jpg images, each around 1024 x 768 pixels and approx 200 KB but displayed at 450 x 600 pixels. Each has a separate link though to a full size .jpg format image of around 4032 x 3024 pixels and each about 8 MB in size so you can zoom in.

WBRA archive map 1942.
WBRA archive map 1942. See the full size 1942 map.
WBRA archive map 1957.
WBRA archive map 1957. See the full size 1957 map.
WBRA archive map 1962.
WBRA archive map 1962. See the full size 1962 map.
WBRA archive map 1967.
WBRA archive map 1967. See the full size 1967 map.
WBRA archive map 1972.
WBRA archive map 1972. See the full size 1972 map.

Also see: Old Aerial Photos of Waikawa and Waikawa Beach settlement and Waikawa River mouth, 1965.

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