August 2018 Newsletter

Kia ora Waikawa whānau. Well, pollen season is upon us. The yellow is everywhere, even down on the beach.

In this newsletter …

  1. The pollen is upon us
  2. Footbridge refurbishment complete
  3. Beach access
  4. River update
  5. Whitebaiting season starts on 15 August
  6. Lose some, win some
  7. Property news
  8. Did you know: Waikawa Beach, population 3,000

Footbridge refurbishment complete

Contractors spent a couple of weeks working on the footbridge and it’s now a whole lot more rigid. The bounce as you cross is gone, and the anti-slip mesh should help if we get any more frosty mornings.

Beach access

The vehicle entrance is no longer as splendid as it was immediately after the river cut, but it’s held up against river, wind and tide.

We’ve heard that a number of horse riders have petitioned Horowhenua District Council for their own track to the beach off Reay Mackay Grove. We’re waiting to see if the Council is able to supply us with a copy of the petition so we can learn the details.

As an Association we certainly want all people to be able to access the beach securely and safely and are keen to work towards that goal. We need to consider the needs of all: pedestrians, horse riders, vehicle drivers, keeping in mind special factors such as mobility problems, trying to wrangle kids and toys and picnics, fishing gear, kayaks and so on.

River update

The river quickly moved south of the Cut but seems to have settled into a fairly direct course out to the sea.

It’s running very low at the moment, apparently mainly due to the effects of wind direction. It looks as though you could probably wade across without getting your knees wet.

Photo taken by David Butel on 30 July 2018 about 8 am and used with permission.
Photo taken by David Butel on 30 July 2018 about 8 am and used with permission.

We regularly deal with both Horizons Regional Council and Horowhenua District Council on issues of serious concern to us, such as major erosion and stream diversion.

Our Secretary has managed to achieve a step forward, with this reply to a series of emails about monitoring the recent river cut:

[I note] …you do have some concerns in regard to the execution of the activities under the consents. To this end I believe the best thing to do is to ensure that this site is ear-tagged for compliance monitoring under our compliance monitoring programme, which I will action.

Many thanks for your enquiry,

Hamish Sutherland | Senior Consents Monitoring Officer, Horizons Regional Council.

While we don’t have any cows or sheep, we’re glad to know we will be ear-tagged.

Whitebaiting season starts on 15 August

The whitebaiting season opens on 15 August, so expect to see folks down at the river mouth every day until 30 November. Fishing is only permitted between 5:00 am and 8:00 pm or between 6:00 am and 9:00 pm when New Zealand Daylight Saving is being observed.

Lose some, win some

Village entrance blind spot work 20 August 2018

Unfortunately the trees at the village entrance create a dangerous blind spot. They'll be trimmed back on 20 August 2018. Read more at Village Entrance blind spot.

Please help us plant spinifex

The Horowhenua District Council have sourced thousands of spinifex plants which will be planted in our dunes to help stabilise them. The exact location for planting is yet to be determined, but this will benefit the whole community, building our protection from sea, wind and sand.

The plan is to plant on a weekend in mid-September.

We arrange the contractors to create the holes (they use a little bore which is quicker than digging) and ferry the plants in and out, and then volunteers plant the plants.

We would welcome anyone in the community who would like to be involved to join us on the day and we often have HDC staff from other departments come and help as well as many are keen to be involved.

We have some thousands to plant and we normally have a BBQ with a few sausages (supplied by Recreational Services) running to keep the energy levels up.

Will you bring friends or family and help? Watch for more details: date, time and place, to be published on the noticeboards, website, Facebook, Twitter and mailing list.

Property news

A house on Sarah Street sold in mid-July but otherwise there is very little on the market. Building works continue apace on the Strathnaver side, and there’s a new place going up on Sand Dune Grove.

Did you know: Waikawa Beach, population 3,000

When Ngati-Wehiwehi settled Manakau, they built their first Pa at the mouth and on the banks of the Waikawa River. In those days Ngati-Wehiwehi was a very powerful tribe, and it was observed by Mr. Thomas Bevan Snr., when he arrived at Waikawa to establish his Rope-walk [in the 1840’s], that both sides of the river were occupied by Maoris and in his estimation, numbering at least 3,000 people. The actual mouth of the river comprised two tributaries; the Waikawa and the Ohau Rivers.


I hope we’ll see you at the spinifex planting day.

Heoi anō,
Miraz Jordan

One thought on “August 2018 Newsletter”

    I was Whitebaiting this mornig when two people on horses decided to ride through the river right in front of me. One horse decided to do its business in the river fillig my net with poop. They could have easily ridden through behind me where it was free of people to aviod this situation and as it was they were only on the other side of the river for a few minutes before returning the same way!
    Also they completely chewed up the bottom of the access track as the sand is very soft there, perhaps they should have got off and walked them up! A BIT OF CONSIDERATION WOULD GO A LONG WAY….
    Thanks Peter

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