Beware phone scams

Beware phone scams. If in doubt about the caller hang up and find the company’s number then call back.

The local Neighbourhood Support Co-ordinator sent on this info:

There's a fake Spark Technician phone hack going around getting you to download a programme called Supremo to sort out your computer. Don't do it — hang up.

They know your computer number, your details and give you a pin and phone number to ring to confirm they are legit.

Remember not to have your bank account pin number automatically on your account — type it in each time so no one has automatic entry into your hard earned funds.

If you receive a call like this see if the number comes up on your phone and write it down, then ring Spark so they can at least try to trace the origin.

I’d add that if you’re unsure if such calls are legit or not never call back on a number they give you. Instead look up the phone number for the company for yourself and call that number.

Some of the recent scam calls I received.
Some of the recent scam calls I received.

As a Vodafone customer, I’ve recently had quite a few scam phone calls originating from overseas. They address me by name but they aren’t anyone I have any dealings with. I hang up and then block the number on my cellphone.

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  1. Scams come in thick in fast in many forms and ruses.
    (1) Email scams – I love these. I apparently miss out on so many phone deliveries, missed parcels, lottery wins, hidden inheritances etc. If you are on a pc, hover over the ‘from’ address a few seconds, and your computer should display the full email address, not just a ‘name’. If it is from an address you do not recognise, delete the email. Do not open any attachments (that is usually how computer viruses spread). Do not reply to it – it confirms your email address is ‘live’ and being used.
    NO BANK (or government or other reputable company) will every ask for your password, pin or account number (or other details to prove your identity or reset your password). Microsoft will NEVER call you to advise your computer is infected with viruses, and they can help cleanse it.
    (2) Phone scams – all manner of ‘sales’ people. These can be cunning. Often thqay already have some of your details including ‘last 4 digits of your credit card’. Never give out your address, credit card, date or birth etc over the phone. That enables identity theft. Phone calls that hang up as soon as you answer. DO NOT ring back unless you are absolutely who called you. Often overseas scams WANT you to call back as they can charge you 00’s per minute in call charges.
    (3) Door to door – especially trades people, phone, power switchers etc. Sorry, none of them get my service. If I miss a few legit dealers, tough. This scam includes people looking for – they may be potential burglars scoping your place out.

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