Coastal erosion bothering you? Horizons Regional Council need to know

Coming up at the end of March: the Horizons Regional Council draft Long-Term Plan. Watch a brief video to see what Horowhenua District Council Mayor Michael Feyen says about that and coastal erosion here.

In mid-March 2018 Horowhenua District Council Mayor Michael Feyen visited Waikawa Beach to informally discuss river and coastal erosion with some local residents. He posted the following brief video on Facebook. It’s worth a watch. (If the video doesn’t show up here then click the link above.)

One part of his message is that we should make submissions to the Horizons Regional Council Long-Term Plan (not available until the end of March 2018).

Horizons Regional Council is consulting on their 2018-28 Long-term Plan (LTP) from 28 March to 30 April [2018]. The LTP sets out how Horizons Regional Council plans on managing the Region’s natural resources for the next 10 years. This includes identifying the activities we propose to deliver and what rate contributions will be required to help cover the estimated costs for each year.

Our consultation document will be available from 28 March, and highlights what we believe are the most significant issues addressed in the more comprehensive supporting document (also available from 28 March).

We need to wait and see what their plans are, of course, but our job will be to make sure that the plans include dealing with the erosion problems at Waikawa Beach.

Once the Horizons Long-term Plan is available we’ll provide information via this website.

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