Fibre Internet for parts of Waikawa Beach

Fibre Internet is being rolled out to the village (only). Unfortunately the Emma Drive and Strathnaver areas miss out.

Waikawa Beach fibre rollout map.

Work is about to start in the village to bring fibre for Internet.

Note that fibre is only available for part of our community: those in the village itself. Areas like Walkers Lane and Emma Drive aren’t included, nor is the area beyond around number 48 Strathnaver Drive.

We have already queried why some parts of our community are being left out and have tried to push for them to be included. It seems it’s to do with what the Government has specified for the rollout, and rural areas aren’t included at this time. It quickly became clear that any change would require a monumental effort beyond our resources.

According to Visionstream who are in charge of the work:

The team are currently tidying up over in Hokio Beach and are due to start in the next few weeks [October or November 2018]. The work will involve some digging and drilling for the ducts that will carry the fibre optic cable under the berms all around the village.

Any disturbed ground will initially be reinstated so that is safe, and at the end of the project in a couple of months the ground will be reinstated to the condition it was before.

Waikawa Beach is getting fibre.
Waikawa Beach is getting fibre.

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  1. We moved to Manakau, back in 2011. Beautiful lifestyle property with Manakau Heights, just across the road. Million dollar properties. Why, oh why are we being overlooked for fibre coming to this area, when Otaki and Waikawa beach are being provided for? My son has just built a house and has been told all new home owners now are being capped at 20mgs due to the local tower being overload. So, why are we paying the same for a third world connection compared to the rest of the areas around. It is beyond belief. 😡😡😡😡

    Usual residence: Waikawa

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