Important recycling change from 01 October 2018

Horowhenua District Council will not accept soft plastics in its kerbside recycling collection after Monday 1 October.

Council’s Environmental Engineer, Ryan Hughes, said soft plastics are the ones you can scrunch up, such as food wrap, plastic shopping bags, food packets and bread bags.

He said the decision to stop collecting soft plastics was made partly because of the problems soft plastics cause during sorting.

“Recycling is sorted with machinery, and soft plastics can jam the machinery and cause delays.”

In addition, there have been changes in the global recycling market that mean fewer companies want to buy recycled soft plastics, he said.

After Monday 1 October, recycling crates containing soft plastics will no longer be emptied.

Source: Soft plastics to be removed from kerbside recycling collection – Horowhenua District Council.

If you rent out your property please make sure visitors know how to handle rubbish and recycling.

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