No permission for horses to use the Reay Mackay Grove tracks to the beach

Earlier this month we wrote about a Letter of Request to the Horowhenua District Council to allow horses to use the south track to the beach off Reay Mackay Grove: Safety and convenience: horses on the South Track.

The Council have said No to the proposal.

We collated the comments and sent them to Council for a decision. Today we had a reply from Arthur Nelson,
Property and Parks Manager • Tumu Rawa, Papa Rēhia, as shown in the attached PDF Council response re horses on track. 42KB PDF. The main part of that letter says:

In consideration of the information provided it would appear that of the 32 individual responses 12 are against the proposal and 20 are for the proposal.

Of those for the proposal, it is noted that 9 have registered their place of abode as Waikawa Beach, whereas the 12 against have all indicated they live at Waikawa Beach.

Bearing in mind the split nature of the vote, the predominant view of the local community (who it would appear are against the proposal), and the nature of issues described (particularly in relation to H & S), the decision is to retain status quo i.e. no additional access for horses.

So, the outcome is that horses are not allowed to use the tracks to the beach off Reay Mackay Grove. The vehicle entrance is the only place where horses may go on and off the beach.

No motorbikes, 4WDs, horses etc.
No motorbikes, 4WDs, horses etc.

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