Total Fire Ban reminder

The Total Fire Ban signs show up on Waikawa Beach Road about 3 Km from the village. This whole area is under a permanent total fire ban all year round. Fire and Rescue has been giving us some good clear reminder signs though, including one at the vehicle entrance on Manga Pirau Street:

This beach has an all year round Prohibited Fire Season from the Mean Water Line to the Eastern Boundary of the Sand Dunes.

Gas cookers or Gas barbeques are permitted at any time on the beach but excludes use within the Sand Dunes.

Total Fire Ban Area.
Total Fire Ban Area.
Total Fire Ban sign at vehicle entrance.
Total Fire Ban sign at vehicle entrance.

We have quite a clutter of signs now at that beach entrance — a bit of a shame given that it’s the only spot in Waikawa Beach where the public can get a fantastic view without needing to go down to the beach proper.

View from the vehicle entrance.
View from the vehicle entrance (past all the signs).

One thought on “Total Fire Ban reminder”

  1. Indeed looks like a border crossing….
    Maybe a bit of sign rationalisation called for ?
    i.e. more than one sign per post might do the trick ?!

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