Unconfirmed Minutes of the WBRA AGM held 27 December 2018

AGM – 27 DECEMBER 2018

Hank Edwards Reserve

Starting at 3.00 pm

Unconfirmed Minutes

The meeting opened 15:07. Approximately 65 people attended.

1] Welcome by Debra Betts, standing in for Chairperson

2] Apologies: John Hewitson, Cr Christine Mitchell, John Brown, Yvonne Small

Moved: Elaine White, Seconded: Greg Eustace

Confirmed: yes

3] Confirmation of Minutes from previous AGM on 28 December 2017

Change by Elaine White, Treasurer: financial report says it needs to be signed. A signed copy was available for anyone to see.

Moved: Chris Wood, Seconded: Jan Jordan

Confirmed: yes

4] Business Arising from 2017 AGM Minutes


Moved: Dominic Hayden, Seconded: LA Walker

Confirmed: yes

5] Correspondence/Communications

None for this meeting.

6] Treasurer’s Report, including reviewed financial statements to 30 September 2018.

The report was handed out. Has been a reasonable year. Surplus is way down. We had 100+ subs. Hard rubbish collection. Sports and golf days didn’t pay their way. Website cost is new. We’re in good health and thanks to all for support.

Moved: Elaine White, Seconded: Deb Moran with thanks to the Treasurer.

Confirmed: yes

7] Chairperson’s Report

See written report handed out.

Moved: Elaine White, Seconded: Jan Jordan

Confirmed: yes

8] Election of Officers, Committee and Financial Reviewer

Chair: John Hewitson : Moved: Elaine White, Seconded : Gary. Confirmed: yes

Secretary: John Russell : Moved LA Walker, Seconded: Deb Shepherd. Confirmed: yes

Treasurer: Elaine White : Moved: Miraz, Seconded: Richard Walker. Confirmed: yes

Other members:

  1. Warwick Bainbridge
  2. Debra Betts
  3. Liz Duncan-
  4. Dominic Hayden-
  5. Miraz Jordan
  6. John Sharp
  7. Yvonne Small
  8. Lesley-Anne Walker
  9. Gary Whittaker

Moved: Deb Moran, Seconded: George Burton

Confirmed: yes

Financial Reviewer: John Brown

Moved: Elaine White, Seconded: Miraz Jordan

Confirmed: yes

9] General Business

a] Dominic Hayden: handed round an optional contact list re breakins or seeing a problem with a house. Put name, Waikawa Beach address and contact number. The list will only be distributed to people on the list. The list will have a note about who is a permanent resident. Anyone seeing anything suspicious should call police not try apprehend suspects.

b] Janice Burton: Wants to thank the person who rang the Police about the recent breakins.

c] Shirley Cohen: re beach access for vehicles. What will happen here long term? The access was filled with sand and a week later it was all gone again. It’s a long-term issue but nothing seems to happen. Answer: the committee is persevering and persisting in working with the Councils and is awaiting the Tonkin and Taylor report. Work is continuing to sort out what to do. It’s a private access, not a public access.

Richard Walker: is it true Council are trying to lease or buy land by vehicle access? Answer: this idea has appeared from somewhere and has been neither confirmed nor denied by the Council. Miraz Jordan emailed the Council to ask them to add a bit more land to that being leased or bought for the purpose of a viewing platform. The reply from the CE was that the platform was a good idea which would be sent on to officers.

Peter Stewart: should people put names to comments on website? Miraz said her personal belief was that they should.

Motion: that the committee formulate a policy on website comments.

Moved: Peter Stewart, Seconded: Jacques Cohen

Confirmed: yes. One against. Can a policy be policed? Is it feasible?

Shirley Cohen: Walkway next to Richard and Maureen on Manga Pirau Street. Could that be improved for access? Not suitable for vehicles. Not viable for any vehicles.

10] Guest Speaker: None.

11] Date of next Committee Meeting: 20 January 2019

12] Close and refreshments. The meeting closed at 15:40.

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