Village entrance blind spot work 20 August 2018

Unfortunately the trees at the village entrance create a dangerous blind spot. They’ll be trimmed back in August 2018.

Trees creating blind spot at village entrance.

One of the striking things when a newcomer first arrives at Waikawa Beach is the planting at the village entrance. First planted by volunteers in October 2005, the trees and shrubs have now grown up so much that they create a blind spot and don’t meet roading regulations. On 20 August 2018 they are to be severely cut back.

Trees creating blind spot at village entrance.
Trees creating blind spot at village entrance. From a driver’s perspective.

The plantings obscure the speed limit sign immediately west of the planting and make it very dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. After recent discussions between the Association and the Horowhenua District Council action is scheduled:

As you will be aware from previous conversations with Arthur, we are required to undertake work on the Waikawa Beach Road entrance vegetation in order to meet the NZTA requirements. This will involve initially the removal of all the low shrubs on the southern side, some pruning of the larger trees and a little work on the northern side to meet the roadside clearances.

Treescape (our arborists) have just notified me that they will undertaking the work early morning Monday 20th August [2018]. They will have traffic management in place reducing traffic to one lane whilst they undertake the work with the outgoing traffic lane open.

Kind regards
Ann Clark
Parks and Property Lead South • Kaiārahi ki te Tonga, Papa Rēhia, Rawa, Horowhenua District Council

Trees creating blind spot at village entrance.
Trees creating blind spot at village entrance. From north side of road.

It’s a shame to lose these plantings, but road safety takes precedence. We’re hoping it’ll be possible to plant some low growing plants and to retain trees such as cabbage trees that are unlikely to block the view.

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