When to use a defibrillator

When might you need to use the defibrillator we have on hand at Waikawa Beach?

AED Defibrillator — inside.

Waikawa Beach has a defibrillator in a lockbox on the side of the changing rooms at Hank Edwards Reserve, but would you know when you might need to use it? Here’s some guidance.

AED Defibrillator — inside.
AED Defibrillator — inside.

A defibrillator delivers a safe electric shock to restart a heart that has stopped beating. WebMD says:

The first step in saving a life is being able to recognize an emergency. Know the warning signs of a heart attack. Anyone who is unresponsive should receive emergency care. If you are with someone who complains of chest pain and then collapses, odds are he or she is having a heart attack or is in cardiac arrest. If possible, have someone else call [111] while you start CPR.

How to use a defibrillator

The 111 operator will talk you through how to start CPR and the AED has instructions on how to use it. It involves placing pads on a person’s chest, letting the AED analyse what’s needed and then pressing a button if the machine instructs you to.

Why do I need an AED?

St John’s says:

  1. Each year more than 2,000 New Zealanders will suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital
  2. For 64% of cardiac arrests a bystander will perform CPR
  3. People may show no warnings or prior symptoms and 15% survive to hospital discharge following a cardiac arrest
  4. Use of an AED within 3-5 min of collapse can increase the chance of survival by up to 40%

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