Blitz the beach

Community member Sally asked me to spread the word, and I think she’s right:

The tides have delivered a bumper crop of plastic rubbish (so many plastic bags!) onto the beach in the past few days. This gives us the chance to grab that plastic before it gets swept back out into the oceans.

So, if you’re heading to the beach for a walk in the next few days, do take a bag or sack for a bit of plastic rescuing while you’re walking and you’ll get to feel good about doing a favour to our oceans, our wildlife, and our food chain.

The photo shows a small part of rubbish I picked up the other day — mainly plastic, but also foam cushion, cans and other junk. A lot of locals pick up rubbish from the beach from time to time, but we definitely need to blitz it at the moment. All hands on deck!

Beach rubbish.
Some of the rubbish collected on one short walk recently.

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