⚠️ Cyclists – fed up with speed bumps?

This contribution is from one community member. The WBRA Committee hasn’t discussed this matter at all.

Miraz Jordan writes:

⚠️ Cyclists! Do you find the Strathnaver Drive speed bumps a pain in the rear? They drive me crazy.

In a 1 kilometre stretch of Strathnaver Drive there are 3 speed bumps. As they’re designed to do, they slow down cars and trucks very effectively.

On the other hand, quad bikes, motorbikes, horses and pedestrians just go around the side on the rough grass and sand.

The speed bumps are awful for cyclists though. To ride over them means slowing right down and taking things very carefully — it really interrupts the flow of an otherwise enjoyable ride. Going round the side means negotiating gravel, potholes, and loose sand.

As a cyclist I find shifting gravel, the bumpy and rutted surfaces, every pothole really tricky. It’s also annoying to manage to build up a little speed and then have to slow to almost a stop to either ride over or cautiously navigate around each speed bump.

Strathnaver Drive is a popular ride for cyclists, in winter, but especially in summer when we also get a lot of young kids either on their own bikes or on the trail-along bikes attached to an adult’s bike. Sometimes we get kids or pets in trailers too.

I want the Council to help us cyclists. My idea is to ask them to build a maybe 3 metre long, 1 metre wide asphalt path around the end of each speed bump so we’d have a decent surface to ride on.

Or perhaps they could cut a gap in each speed bump so we could go through the middle.

Or perhaps you have a better idea?

Please add your voice to mine to ask for something to be done! Leave a comment below with your ideas, support or suggestions. In late-July I’ll send a request to Horowhenua District Council and would appreciate your support.

This campaign is being organised by Miraz Jordan, July 2019. Please add your voice below.

Speed bump on Strathnaver Drive.
Speed bump on Strathnaver Drive.

6 thoughts on “⚠️ Cyclists – fed up with speed bumps?”

  1. I agree, maybe just taking out a section on each side if the road would be enough- quad bike width for example

  2. In my opinion these ‘speed humps’ are not designed correctly, these ones are like judder bars in a supermarket carpark and not like a speed hump that is usually designed for public roads – check out the humps in the Waitarere Rise subdivision. It would be interesting to see what the Council requirements are for the design of speed humps on public roads – maybe Council would be able to re-construct them to the correct standard which has a much more gentle rise and a wider depth. Alternatively the ones on Tasman Road at Otaki Beach allow the cyclists to go on the side.

  3. Hi
    I agree the speed bumps are a pain
    Could we suggest to the council the speed bumps that I have started to see that have a split in the middle so bikes etc can more easily navigate them

  4. I agree with Chris about the split, some people navigate this road at speed and often there are families on bikes or walking . Also popular with horses. The speed bumps do slow cars down and fits the purpose.

    The wheel does not need reinventing , just pick a solution that already works in another area and fix.
    There are no problems …only solutions!

  5. These speed bumps can be flattened out a bit and it would not be so hard on the car suspension but would still slow the traffic.

  6. I have noticed lately that a lot of residents are taking the speed humps at speed,
    the faster you go the less you feel them. They were never designed correctly and need to be removed and replaced with something more friendly.

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