Hui-tanguru (February) 2019 Newsletter

Kia ora Waikawa whānau. As usual for this time of year the ground has dried out, the grass is brown and people are monitoring rainwater tanks. In the Meteorological Drought Index we’re in a Very Dry area.

It’s been a while since the last newsletter — ahhh, summer holidays! — so there’s a bit to report.

In this newsletter …

  1. Ready for rain
  2. Road News: Flush median and flexible posts; Review of Speed Limits on Rural Roads
  3. Summer water monitoring
  4. Tonkin and Taylor River Mouth Report
  5. Fishing boats
  6. In the News:
    • A knighthood comes to Waikawa Beach; congratulations Sir Kim Workman
    • James Street Christmas Lights placed 5th
    • Manakau Dairy new owner
    • One Waikawa Beach tiny home in the news
  7. Hank Edwards Toilets
  8. New Secretary
  9. Website Comment Policy
  10. Recycling: Bins at Hank Edwards Reserve; Wheelibins
  11. Lock up your valuables
  12. Summer activities
  13. Horowhenua District Council development plans for Manakau
  14. Property news
  15. Do you know: The Manakau Store website
  16. High tide and a free ride

Road News

Flush median and flexible posts

Before Christmas the flush medians between Manakau and Levin gained flexible posts, the intention being to increase safety. Not everyone’s happy though and some are finding the turn out of Waikawa Beach Road harder and scarier than before. Read more at Crash rate signs and flexible median posts and How to turn south out of Waikawa Beach Road.

Review of Speed Limits on Rural Roads

Submissions close on 15 March 2019, 05:00 PM. Horowhenua District Council is undertaking Stage 1 of a district-wide review of speed limits on rural roads. Most roads in our area will drop to 80 Kph, and a couple will be 60 Kph. Read more at Speed Limits on our roads may change – submissions by 15 March 2019. Please make a submission to HDC, and email a copy to the WBRA too.

Summer water monitoring

This season’s swim spot monitoring by the footbridge shows a marked improvement over previous years: so far it’s been as often ‘green’ as not green. Keep an eye on the front page of our website for each week’s results.

Did you know that both the Manakau Stream and the Waikawa Stream feed into the river by the footbridge? Guess which one’s crystal clear and which is filthy! The answer’s at The shock meeting of two streams.

Tonkin and Taylor River Mouth Report

Late last year Tonkin and Taylor came to Waikawa Beach to look at our river mouth and nearby coast, especially the erosion. It seems their findings should be available in the next few weeks. Read more at Tonkin and Taylor River Mouth Report — update.

Fishing boats

A couple of weeks ago the fishing vessel Clam Legacy, number 901350, was seen extremely close to shore. A strong swimmer or a kayaker could easily have reached it. Maritime NZ responded to a query with this info: “It is vessel that undertakes dredging and it can dredge in close to shore.” Another local was told that such commercial fishing vessels can come in as close to shore as they like.

Fishing boat  Clam Legacy 901350.
Fishing boat Clam Legacy 901350.

In the News:

A knighthood comes to Waikawa Beach

Mr Kim Workman (Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa) was appointed a Companion of the Queen’s Service Order in 2007 for his services to prisoner welfare. In the latest New Year’s Honours he was made a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit. Congratulations, Sir Kim Workman. Read more at A knighthood comes to Waikawa Beach; congratulations Sir Kim Workman.

James Street Christmas Lights

The James Street Lights, put up each year by Wendy and Peter Clark, won 5th place this time. Congratulations!

Manakau Dairy new owner

The new owner of the Manakau Dairy is Sonya Martin, local to Waikawa Beach. Opening hours are now from 6 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week and there are new items on the menu, including gluten-free and vegetarian options. Read more at Manakau Store has a new owner, new menu and extended hours.

One Waikawa Beach tiny home in the news

Tiny homes are very popular these days and we have a few here at Waikawa Beach. One on Manga Pirau Street recently made the news. Read more at One Waikawa Beach tiny home in the news.

Hank Edwards Toilets

Over Christmas there was a problem with the toilets at Hank Edwards Reserve. John Hewitson, Chair of the WBRA, used the Council’s official mobile app to report the problem, though it seems it wasn’t necessarily sorted out very speedily. Remember: if you see a problem around the place that the Council should sort out call or email them or use the mobile app. It helps if you also let us know. The Council should give you a ticket number for any problem you report. Find out more about their Mobile Alert app.

New Secretary

Many thanks to Kevin Burns who did a great job for two years as Secretary of the Association. He stepped down last year and John Russell, who has a bach at 28 Manga Pirau Street, agreed to take on the job. Welcome John!

Website Comment Policy

There was a bit of a problem last year with some of the comments on our website. After a question about this at the AGM we created a new Website Comment Policy. Commenters must use their real name and comments must be constructive and respectful of the community. Read the full policy: Website purpose; Comment policy.


Recycling bins at Hank Edwards Reserve

A recycling container turned up on Saturday 22 December 2018. It’ll stay until mid-March 2019. This has replaced the truck that used to come on Saturdays in summer.

Recycling wheelibins

Cr Christime Mitchell informed us at the January Committee Meeting that HDC are introducing a new recycling scheme later this year, with wheelibins for separate items. We’ll let you know more details when we have them.

Lock up your valuables

There have been several burglaries recently, and attempted thefts. Some perpetrators were apprehended and taken to court. Latest news was that two women were seen stealing security cameras. If you see suspicious activity contact the Police. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way, but photos of suspects or cars (especially with the number plate visible) can be useful.

Summer activities

Many thanks to all those who turned up for our various Summer Activities. Everyone had a great time and the kids especially seemed to like having adults participating in the activities too. Barry Jordan took some amazing photos. Thanks Barry! See more at Boat Day photos from 28 December 2018 and Sports Day Photos from 01 January 2019.

2019 sports day, photo by Barry Jordan.
2019 sports day, photo by Barry Jordan.

Horowhenua District Council development plans for Manakau

The Council have plans to rezone some local arable farmland for residential purposes. That has implications for traffic, waste, water, and of course, food production. Read more at Horowhenua District Council development plans for Manakau January 2019.

Property news

One James Street property sold recently. Number 20 Manga Pirau Street and 4 Duncan Street have just come on the market. On Strathnaver Drive and Reay Mackay Grove a couple more houses are in various stages of being built. The big blackberry patch on Strathnaver Drive has been cleared and it looks like 3 more building sites will soon see activity.

Do you know: The Manakau Store website

The Manakau Store has its own website. The store is now open 6 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week. It has a takeaway menu that includes smoothies, sandwiches and salad, but they can also do morning and afternoon teas, school lunches and ready-made meals in eco containers that compost easily.

High tide and a free ride

David Butel from Drake Street saw this White Faced Heron riding with the tide backwards and forwards across the river on high tide using the wood as a surf board. He has seen it in the past as well. Published here with his permission. Thanks David!

White Faced Heron by David Butel.
White Faced Heron by David Butel.

Ngā mihi nui,
Miraz Jordan

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