Local body elections 2019

Local body elections are coming up on 12 October 2019. You can vote for candidates for Horizons Regional Council, Horowhenua District Council and the MidCentral District Health Board.

If you’re enrolled as a parliamentary elector you will automatically be placed on the Council’s electoral roll as a residential elector – you can check to see if your details are correct or you can enrol at elections.org.nz or call 0800 36 76 56 to find out more.

Horizons Regional Council

The 8 nominees for the Horowhenua area of Horizons Regional Council are: Phil Taueki, Sam Ferguson, Michael Kay, Geoff Kane, Owen Greig, Lindsay Burnell, Karen Adams, Emma Clarke.

Two people can be elected to represent us.

One issue we have at Waikawa Beach that concerns Horizons Regional Council is the river, especially the section from just upstream of the footbridge. Horizons exclude that part of the river from their One Plan which has made it difficult in the past for us to get action on things such as weed clogging the river, and anything to do with the river mouth.

Horizons have a Pre-Election Report (PDF), also available from our site at: Horizons Regional Council Pre-Election Report 2019. (6MB PDF).

Horowhenua District Council

Registered voters elect a Mayor and ten Councillors who represent four wards. Our ward is Waiopehu, with two Councillors.

Our nominees for Councillor are: Wayne Bishop, Viv Bold (Independent – New Direction, New Council), Richard Cornell (Honesty and Integrity), Chris Hartwell, Christine Mitchell, Judy Webby (It’s time for a change).

Nominees for Mayor are: Michael Feyen (A Resilient and Honest Mayor), Victoria Kaye-Simmons, Bernie Wanden.

There is a Horowhenua District Council Pre-Election Report (9MB PDF), also available from our site at: Pre Election Report Horowhenua District Council (9MB PDF).

Horowhenua District Council are responsible for many things around Waikawa Beach, including roads and berms, tracks to the beach, Hank Edwards Reserve and toilets, the footbridge, some mowing, some signage.

MidCentral District Health Board

Horowhenua voters will elect 7 members of the MidCentral District Health Board. There are 15 nominations: Astarte, Heather Browning, Vaughan Dennison, Michael Feyen (Independent), Lew Findlay (Independent), Adrian Gregory (Independent), Muriel Hancock, Dorothy Lock, Karen Naylor, Cat Pause, Leslie Pillow, Rebecca Tayler, John Waldon, Jenny Warren, Shelly Warwick.

Comments and candidate support

The Waikawa Beach Ratepayers Association doesn’t offer any opinion on who to vote for, but we encourage members of the community to express opinions and comments here to help everyone decide who is the best candidate. Please keep comments factual and civil. We reserve the right to remove comments that don’t fit with our Website Purpose and Comment Policy.

One thought on “Local body elections 2019”

  1. I’d like to point out that Lindsay Burnell, incumbent for Horizons, has worked hard on our behalf.

    Christine Mitchell, incumbent for HDC, also works and advocates hard for us. She has attended all our committee meetings, public meetings, AGMs, sharing information that will help us and taking our views and needs back to Council.

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