Local road speeds reduced as of August 2019

As we noted in Local reduced road speeds voted in, speeds on local rural roads have been reduced. There have been further reductions though for Kristin Place and Emma Drive.

The Land Transport Bylaw 2017 Speed Limit Schedules set the following for roads in and around Waikawa Beach:

80 kph 60 kph

  • Waikawa Beach Road, Takapu Road speeds reduced to 80 Kph.
  • Reay Mackay Grove, Strathnaver Drive, Emma Drive and Kristin Place speeds reduced to 60 Kph.

These changes came into effect on 15 August 2019, except for Emma Drive and Kristin Place which have reduced to 80 Kph but from 12 September 2019 will be 60 Kph.

See the Land Transport Bylaw 2017 – Schedules(PDF, 3MB), also available on our site at: Land Transport Bylaw 2017 Schedules 14 August-2019 (3.6MB PDF) for details of all Horowhenua speed changes.

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