Manakau Strategic Plan 2019 (affects Waikawa Beach)

We have been advised by the Manakau Community District Association about an event that may have implications for us at Waikawa Beach. Apparently there is a subdivision coming up near Emma Drive. If that’s the case then new housing may put pressure on Waikawa Beach Road.

Here’s the notice we received:

Tiffany Gower of the HDC has drafted a Strategic plan for Manakau and we have the opportunity to contribute to this draft in a discussion with Tiffany at a meeting in the Manakau Hall.

On Thursday 21st November [2019] at 4pm

After this discussion the plan will be finalised and put out for consultation. A later meeting will most likely be on a Sunday for maximum availability.

In light of the huge tracts of land put on the market lately, it is most important that the community share with HDC their vision for the future of our area.

To assist with logistics please RSVP by 18th November.

Your ideas are welcome and valued.

If you plan to attend please contact the MDCA directly.

3 thoughts on “Manakau Strategic Plan 2019 (affects Waikawa Beach)”

  1. This could be a small – 6 plot I think – subdivision towards the top of Emma Drive. The first house is building now. It doesn’t look to be a huge development from our place. We are on Kristin Place off Emma.

  2. Let’s Be Honest Here, There Have Been Implications For Waikawa Beach Village For At Least 6 Years Now. I Don’t Think That Those Who Are Building Realise Just How Much That This Has Affected Village Life. The Amount Of Traffic Going Down Sarah Street Is Diabolical At Times, Not To Mention The Speed Limit Being Ignored On A Regular Basis. The Road Itself Is Starting Lose It’s Seal Which Means More Road Works And Further Disruptions To Our Once Quiet Village. I Would Like To See Speed Bumps On Both Sarah Street And Manga Pirau Street. Someone Is Going To Killed Or Injured Sooner Or Later. Dog Noise Pollution Is Another Matter And Also Not To Mention Stray Dogs Waltzing Onto Our Properties Would Also Be Remiss Of Me. I Realise That Population Growth Is Unfortunately Unavoidable But A Little More Consideration From People Wouldn’t Go Amiss.

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