New improved all-purpose access to Waikawa Beach

There is good news for those who like to take their vehicles or horses onto the beach.

At the WBRA Committee meeting on Saturday, 13 April 2019, Cr Christine Mitchell from Horowhenua District Council shared the following:

Horowhenua District Council has been talking with the Miratana family who own the land between the end of Manga Pirau Street and the beach. For years now the landowner has allowed us access to the beach through their private land. In 2018, after several severe storms took a lot of sand away that access became impossible or difficult.

Now the Council are about to sign a formal 3 year license for the use of a strip of land to give better access to the beach. The Council will do some minor improvements and environmental improvements such as planting, including maintenance on the track. These will not be major improvements. No other work at all is to take place or the landowners will rescind the agreement.

The new track will use the track illegally pushed through by an unknown person in the middle of 2018.

That illegal track last year jeopardised everyone’s access to the beach, but we can thank the Miratana family for their generosity in continuing to allow us to use their private land.

At the vehicle entrance, looking south.
At the vehicle entrance, looking south.

One thought on “New improved all-purpose access to Waikawa Beach”

  1. That’s all very nice but as that track leads out into the lagoon what happens when the tides are up?

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