Now they’re stealing the security cameras

Information today from Deborah Campbell, District Coordinator, Horowhenua District Neighbourhood Support:

I have received information that on the 11th February 2 lady’s were seen stealing a security camera at a property in Waikawa Beach rd at night.

This information is just to make you aware that people are about and are targeting security cameras.

If you happen to notice anything suspicious, please do remember to contact the Police and even if you are only able to get registration numbers of cars this all helps.

Deborah Campbell, Horowhenua District Neighbourhood Support.
Deborah Campbell, Horowhenua District Neighbourhood Support.

One thought on “Now they’re stealing the security cameras”

  1. Yeah call cops but wont do anything unless burglery or home invasion actually occurring. If dogs chase folks off then theyre not interested. Nothing they can do

    That is what my neighbour was pretty much told the other night

    Usual residence: Waikawa

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